Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yee Haw and a Corn Dog!

Note: I googled a "goofy cowboy pic" and Gawl Durn It! I found one!

Doughie was running around the house pretending to ride a horse and was yelling, "Yee Haw! And a Corn Dog!" I stopped her and asked her what she said, because I wasn't sure I had heard correctly. She said, "You know, Yee haw! And a Corn Dog!"

I said, "What does that mean?"

She said in a superior manner, that she could have only learned from her father, "You know, I was talking Texas."

Me, "Talking Texas? What does that mean."

Again, with a look of unhumble condescension, "You know...that is how people from the country of Texas talk. They say "Yee haw" ALLLLLL the time!"

Me, with an odd gleam and smirk on my face, "REALLLLY? What else do people from the country of Texas say?"

Doughie, "You know...things like "Gawl Durn it!" and "Gee Howdy!" Things like that"

Me, "Please...tell me more...."

Doughie, "No...that is enough for now. You need to talk to somebody from Texas and learn for yourself."

At this time, I went running to the notepad on my fridge and wrote every "Yee haw" and "Corn dog" down snickering the whole time! Doughie watched, shaking her head, as if to say, "Poor ignorant thing..."

Have you kids said anything crazy? PLEASE SHARE!!


2busy said...

When Miguel was little and losing his first tooth, I hear him tell TJ "I hope it isn't my SWEET TOOTH". He has the biggest sweet tooth of all of us. Even bigger than mine. I can guarantee he didn't lose it.

(Just a funny thing my kid said...)

Holly said...

They happen on a daily basis, like yesterday when we were at our first soccer practice and the dad with an earring in his ear helping the coach said to make you don't wear any earrings or necklaces to the game on Thursday is told by my 5 year old that he doesn't wear any earrings because that is girly stuff....WANTED TO DIE!!!

Tina said...

Ask Q sometime if he is a dork fish...he will probably say 'I'm a dork fish, you catch me with a corndog' Why? You ask...because his Daddy taught him. I need to Flip that and put it on my blog along with the REAL one...

Anonymous said...

It makes my day when my kids say something crazy that I can hurry and write down so I can blog about it.

William said...

"Hurley" is obsessed with pirates, so I've heard more pirate-speak this year than I ever cared to know.

Frequently, he'll say some swash-bucklin', landlubberin' blubber that he has heard somewhere and then turn to me and ask what it means. When I tell him that I don't know, he gives me a look like, "gee, you're a stupid grown-up person!"