Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Alienating Post

Have you ever noticed that some posts receive many comments and others, the silence is so deafening you can hear the crickets? I am still learning which posts are going to be successful and which ones are going to sit....unloved. :D Have you ever thought, "This is a good one...." and get no comments?

* What kind of posts make you want to comment?

* What kind of posts do you like to read?

I am just curious....not that I am going to change anything. I would just like to understand the process better! As always, your comments will be appreciated! :D


2busy said...

I try to comment on everything. Sometimes I miss out of laziness, I guess. But, I think commenting on everything shows your appreciation to the writer. Not to mention let's them know your are still out there.

Tammie said...

Things that I have found people comment most on:
Things that gross them out.
Things people wish they could do themselves.
Things people can relate to, and give a common anecdote(sp?).
Things people don't comment on:
Posts about people they don't know.
Posts that are critical.
Posts that ask questions they can't answer!!!!!

Actually I don't know, I just made this up cuz you asked a question I didn't know the answer too and I felt bad for you cuz only one comment had been made!!! ;-P

Amberly said...

Just keep posting what you like. I never know what people will comment on, so I just write what I like and know. I love your blog, you are funny and clever!

JulieJ said...

Sometimes I still appreciate peoples posts, I just don't anything to say about it. People probably get sick of what I have to say, but I write anyway. It's a great outlet.

stoner said...

Tammie....thanks for all the insight...and thanks for posting when I only had one comment....:D

Holly said...

Ok, so I feel so guilty, I think I have read every post and sometimes I am in a hurry and other times like tonight, Jay is watching a guy flick, shootem up, and I sneak back and do my blogging...I know I have at least two hours before he comes up for air and says "hey where are you?"
That is why I installed those little trackers to see if anyone's reading I wondered sometimes too if anyone cared. So post away and who cares!

Dellp said...

I thought that you weren't going to post any recent pictures of yourself. That is a great one!


Anyhow...I enjoy your blog everyday...even when I do hear the crickets.

William said...

The most difficult entries to respond to are those when I can't think of anything clean to say; more concisely, it is difficult for me to respond no matter the subject material. :P

stoner said...

I wasn't trying to come across as a whiner.....but thanks for the input. Sniff....I will try not be such a baby in the future! :D