Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Doda the Explorer

"Doda the Explorer" is how Dora is known around our house. For the longest time it was "Doda the Explorenut" but it is gradually becoming more accurate.

Anyone who has watched this witty, well-written, not-in-the-least redundant cartoon, knows at the end, they always ask, "What was your favorite part?" Well, for once, Sassy didn't yell it at the screen. Instead she watched them wait, and then say, "We liked that too!" To this, Sassy turned to me and said, "They didn't wait for me! I didn't even say nothing!"

I told her, "It's okay. Maybe you can tell them something tomorrow."

Sassy said, "Nah....I don't think they can hear me anyway......"

I laughed for a long time.....

Do your kids like the interactive tv programs? My oldest hated them.....


Dellp said...

Maybe Sassy can watch Doda with Ga-ee. Maybe then they can watch Berry Cake with Doughie. This child really does have her own language, doesn't she.

Heck, I still like interactive programs. However, for me it is more like, "No, Leia, don't kiss Luke. Ick! Don't you know he is your brother!?" or "No, don't go into the basement, stupid. It didn't work out so well for the other fourteen people the mass-murdering psycho took out, did it." or "Shut up and kiss her, idiot. The more you talk, the stupider you sound." Etc.

(Actually, I don't really watch horror movies much. But that is usually what happens, right?)


JulieJ said...

It's saw when they catch on to that nugget. Luckily my kids haven't watched Dora in a while. Drives me nuts.

Amberly said...

My kids love Dora and all the interactive cartoons. I think they like them because the colors are so bright, and there is always singing involved. I don't mind them too much as long as I haven't had to hear the same cartoon fourteen times already.

2busy said...

I hate that show, the song gets in my head.

stoner said...

Dellp....I hate to tell you but they can't hear you. They really can't. Sassy has finally learned this...maybe you should too. :D

You know I love you more than my luggage! :P

Jana said...

Kam refuses to watch anything that might be for "babies". He calls them gross baby shows. Last year he loved baby shows. Although, he would never admit to that.

William said...

I don't let my kids watch television.

Haha - that's because I don't have any... kids that is. I have three televisions.

Anyway... the kids I work with at school each have their own shows that they are obsessed with:

"Ned" is a huge Thomas the Train fan... that show creeps me out.

"Angus" loves anything and everything by Pixar or Disney... in fact, he would rather stare at the pictures in those storybooks than do just about anything else.

"Calvin" is obsessed with Pirates of the Carribean and can recite the movie from memory. Actually, anything related to pirates will appease him, but Jack Sparrow is his favorite.


By the way... my guitar arrived today! I just got home from work, so I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but I wanted to tell you all thank you for the great gift! I'm so excited, I'm going to go set it up right now! :D