Friday, April 24, 2009


Last week, we were in the car when Sassy began screaming in terror, "MOMMY! MOMMY!" I about wrecked the car from the sheer emotion of her screams! As Sassy, continued to scream and cry, I finally pulled the car over. As I turned to assess the situation, I realized that I was quite shaken. Fully expecting to see a limb missing or an eye poked out, I turned to face the worst. To my confusion, I found my daughter, intact, tears streaming down her face, pointing at the window.

"What is wrong?!" I asked bewildered and a little perturbed.

Sassy sobbing, "There is a bee! There is a bee!"

I looked for the offensive insect and couldn't see it. So I asked, "Where do you see a bee?"

Sassy then pointed at her window! "Kill it! Please kill it!" she begged.

So, I got a tissue out of the console and got out of the car to do my worst. I walked around to Sassy's window.....licked the tissue, and wiped the black smudge off the window. It looked like a dirty thumb print.

As I got back into the car, Sassy was wiping away her tears and with great respect said, "Thank you mommy! I love you!"

Heaven help us if there is EVER a real bee in our car! I believe she will probably self-combust! :D


Dellp said...

Well, I am sorry that Sassy is SOOOOO afraid of all things 6-8 legged, but, frankly, it is nice to know that she is not invincible. She is a pretty tough cookie and it wouldn't be fair if she didn't have at least one vulnerability.

And that photo? ICK! I am in fact a little girl. That is terrifying. Bring on the Bees! (Spoken like a true Bonneville teacher. Go Bees!)


JulieJ said...

So, girls are a little more dramatic eh? Great.

Jana said...

Oh that is so funny! I blogged once that I jumped out of a car because there was a bee in it. I was driving!

Sassy and I have something in common. We hate bees and we hate thumb prints that look like bees!

2busy said...

That's funny. Gladd it was just a smudge. You help jog blogging ideas for me. Boy do I have a ginormous spider story.

Amberly said...

Once we had a fly in our car and Whitney had a complete meltdown. We were right in front of the Anderson's house and of course they were outside so they got to witness all of it. Mike even came and asked if he could help Tyler. Little girls are funny sometimes!

2busy said...

yes, they are actual pictures from my yard. :)

Tina said...

That would have been Jeff and a spider.
No joke.
He really needs to understand that he is bigger than them.

Holly said...

Haha! That is too cute, one for the Stone family storybooks!

William said...

Most bugs don't freak me out unless they're close to my face. However, I totally spaz out when there is a bee near me - I jerk around, swat, and scurry - they scare me half to death! I'm sure I look really hip from a distance, though!

"Nice breakdancing moves, dude!"