Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Mom Logic

NOTE: This is my post for the Mother of all Bloggers Contest! If selected, I have a chance to win a new computer! Wish me luck!

What is Mom Logic? Well, if you were to ask my girls, and they knew what logic meant, I am sure they would tell you, "Logic? There is no logic found here!"

Why would they answer this way? Well, I will share a few examples where my girls thought I was being highly illogical.

Illogical Mommy Example #1: I won't let my girls open one more sucker, until these three have been eaten. I am not concerned that the suckers in the bowl are not the "right flavor" or color--Life is so hard!

Illogical Mommy Example #2: I said "NO!" to Sassy's "new slide." I'm not exactly sure how she was planning to maneuver the remaining six stairs.....

Illogical Mommy Example #3: I only allow one straw at a time....This practice came to an abrupt end, when a sticky long straw slowly creeped over my shoulder with the intent of dipping into my personal beverage. When the yucky straw dripped on my light-colored shirt, I knew it was the end of an children were afraid.

Illogical Mommy Example #4: I don't allow the "pink potty" to be used as a stool in my kitchen. When this rule is ignored, I am not very happy. No explanation necessary.

Illogical Mommy Example #5: I found my 4-year-old's homemade ladder to be unsafe. She thought I was being very unreasonable. And, yes, that is her banned "pink potty" again.

Illogical Mommy Example #6: I have a rule that noses are to be wiped on tissues....NOT my dish towel! Sorry, there are no pics for this one, and it isn't from lack of opportunity. I just don't want to save that for posterity! :D

I know...I know....highly illogical! What a mean mommy I am! These are only a few examples and I have so many more!

Why am I "mean" and "illogical"? Well, it is because I love my girls and want only the best. Someday, they too will be "illogical mommies" and know why I said "no" least, I hope so!

Have you been an "illogical mommy"? Enforcing rules that are clearly arbitrary and made to annoy? Please share! This illogical mommy needs some company! :D


Sharla said...

So cute! And I love the pictures to go along with it! Good job!

Dellp said...

I am not an illogical mommy, but my students would call me an illogical teacher. They don't think that they should have to do their assigments, come to review, or do any work on their own to become successful in math. I am SO mean and illogical! So to some small extent, I understand your pain.

2busy said...

Very cute! Good luck!

Helen said...

LOL at #3!

I'm scoping out all the competition - nicely written :)

Covington Sensation's said...

Nice pictures. LOVE the illogicalness(Is that a word?)
in all this Mom stuff. Bet you have eyes in back of your head like I do.
Congrats on the MOM logic title.

Happy Blogging!