Friday, April 3, 2009

My Workout...

This is my workout partner--Tammie Lee. We have been working out together since the early 90's.

She is helping me get these:

Seeing I was working out barefoot, Sassy brought me these:

But, I stuck to this:

Side note: Insultingly, Big C asked me if this was an actual pic of my feet. Does anyone want to lend me money for a pedicure?

Additional Side note: Ironically, when I found this pic, Sassy said, "Papa's feet Mommy! Papa's feet!" SO THERE BIG C! NYAH! NYAH! Sadly, I still haven't grown up.


William said...

This is my workout buddy:

Oddly enough, I've been striking that same pose lately.


2busy said...

You definitely need a spa day girl!