Thursday, April 23, 2009

No toilet paper.......and other horrors.....

My daughter and I were downstairs. She was playing and I was cleaning the nightmare lovingly referred to as my "craft room." Well, I was slowly putting away paper that I will probably never use, when I heard her call from the bathroom, "Mommy! Mommy! I need toilet paper! It is all gone!"

I called back, "Stay there and I will get you some!"

I ran upstairs (passing my massive storage of toilet paper on the way--I am not always thinking clearly) to steal a roll from my master bathroom. When I got back downstairs, it was to find the bathroom empty. I looked in the playroom and there was my dear, sweet 4-year-old playing quietly. I told her, "You always need to wipe! Why didn't you wait for me?"

She replied, "Oh...but I did wipe!"
Me, "How? There was no toilet paper....."
Sassy, "I used the towel...."


On the bright side, I now know if a towel is on the floor to not hang it back up again.....:D


2busy said...

Oh, that's bad! (I'll have to blog about KT for now it's a secret.)

Dellp said...

I will be careful of the towels that I use when I come to your house.

On the bright side, she is a thinker.


Amberly said...

Please tell me you threw the towel in the garbage!

Tina said...

So a few years ago, my sisters in laws were visiting. There was a gathering at my parents and they were some point during this gathering my sis's mil quietly walked up to my mom and told her the towels needed bleaching as there was no toilet paper and only a dirty towel in the hamper...I ALWAYS bleach with four boys, and they rarely wipe...

Danya said...

At this point, I would be willing to wash 20 towels a day if it meant my kids would potty train and stay potty trained!

I had a friend in college who picked a towel off the bathroom floor at a party because their wasn't any more toilet paper left. Now THAT's gross (and probably dangerous).

William said...

I try to avoid using other people's restrooms. You never know how long the towels have been out or what they've been used for!

Perhaps I over-think things, but could it be possible that my friend is a 3-second-without-soap hand washer... or did she use that towel to dry off after her shower this morning?

Of course, there are those times when it is absolutely necessary to use a friend's facilities. On these occasions I will usually try to pat dry with a few squares of Charmin, but if there's only cheap TP that lumps and rips, I dry my hands on my pants. Anything is better than running the risk of contaminating my freshly washed hands with what might have slid across my friend's hiney earlier in the day!

Of course, the scenario I've laid out is quite the opposite of Sassy's. In her situation, I'd probably have squeezed the cheeks tightly together, jacked up my pants, and walk bow-legged in search of the real deal.

"Lint - I don't want that on me!"

You have to give Sassy credit - she is very resourceful! I'm a proud uncle! :D

stoner said... time you visit, I am going to make sure there is to TP.....I want to see the bow-legged TP walk! :D, I didn't throw the towel away. Sadly, I have cleaned much worse.

Danya and Tina.....Ewwwwwww..... :D

Robert said...

Wait, you mean that's not what the towels are in there for? I guess that's a big "my bad" on my part too then.

stoner said...

Rob....LOL....Big C is muttering...."That is so wrong....."

stoner said...

Willy...I meant to type "NO TP" I hate it when I don't proofread!