Monday, August 31, 2009


Sassy doesn't always say the "gr" noise in many words. Tony the Tiger has job security with my little one, if you know what I mean. So, with this deficiency in mind, you will understand why I found this morning's conversation "interesting" to say the least:

Sassy, "Momma! Papa's grass is ALL wet! SEE!?! He is not going to be happy.....NOPE!!"

Me, amused at what she said and also a little curious as to why it wasn't my grass too, said, "Yep, it rained last night!"

Sassy in a sad, melodramatic voice, "When will Papa's grass be dry? I want to play outside! I like it when it is dry, soft, and squishy!!" Suddenly, I was glad that it was only "Papa's grass"! :D

Do you have a child that has left out some crucial letters? Please share! It makes life interesting when your daughter is begging for a plastic bug prison in Target by saying, "I want the grasshopper house! I want the grasshopper house! Grasshoppers are so cute! Except when they spit brown stuff!"

Oh the joy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prejudice against Oil of Olay

My girl's don't like my new facial mask.....go figure!

They scream and say things like: "Take it off" "You're scaring me!" "Turn the lights back on!"

Oh well, if they only knew how much it moisturizes.....oh, the injustice....:D

Friday, August 7, 2009

This event occurred on a recent road trip:

Doughie from the backseat, "Momma! Momma! Sassy just grabbed my pop and shook it up!"

Me, "Sassy! That is rude! Shaking it up makes her pop taste bad! Please don't do that anymore!"

Doughie, trying to provide ample discipline fodder, continued by saying, "Yeah! Well, she picked up my pop with her toes and shook it with her foot!"

To this damning evidence, Sassy responded with, "It wasn't me! It was my straw! Bad Straw! Bad Straw! You say sorry to Doughie!" She then proceeded to spank her straw--finishing the beating by chewing on one end. After this dramatic discipline scene, the straw, in a high falsetto, gave Doughie a sad apology. The apology was heartfelt and sincere--beautiful really.

Not expecting anything like the melodrama we had just witnessed, Big C and I silently sniggered in the front of the car. (In our defense, this was the third day of traveling in the car with our two little angels. The third longest day........)

Ever laughed when you should be playing the parent?

Note to self: No more long road trips.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She's going to lose it!

After listening to my daughter, Sassy, use everything but her "indoor voice" for approximately 4 hours--the time it took to drive from one end of Yellowstone Park to the other--she finally got tired and stopped.

With the new found silence, Big C and I began chatting in relief. After only a couple of minutes, Sassy imperiously demanded from the backseat, "No Talking! Your voices hurt my ears!" (Quite frankly, I was surprised that she wasn't hoarse.)

When I heard her loud command, I began laughing crazily. After listening to my maniacal laughter for a couple of minutes, Big C stated nervously, "It wasn't that funny." To this, my laughter turned to hysterics.....I think my family was a little scared that I had lost it and was about to beat them soundly with my empty plastic Mt Dew bottle.

Note to self:
Road trips with children are bad....very...very...bad! :D

Ever have a moment like this one? When you just have to laugh....

Doughie enjoying her video:

Me at a happier time....

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Triple Dog Dare You!

We were enjoying Christmas in July with our own "Christmas Story" moment!


I remember my first encounter like this one. I was dared to put my tongue on the monkey bars in subzero weather. I ripped off all the taste buds on the tip of my tongue....oh the memories!

My brother's touching display of compassion will make my mother so proud!

Ever have your own "Christmas Story" moment?

Friday, July 31, 2009

She's killing me!

Sassy came running in to me and said, "Mommy! Mommy! Doughie is killing me! She is killing me!"

Me, "What now?"

Sassy, "She keeps changing the tv to Hannah Montana!"

I have to admit....I found this very amusing. I have to agree with Sassy, Doughie has been "killing me" with her tv selection for quite some time now.

Do you like the shows your children love to watch? Please share!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Perfect Little Mommy

Isn't it adorable? She is practicing!

We were impressed to find that she had packed 10 babies in that shopping cart! Also, we later found out that she had babies in the backpack too! To be honest, I am a little scared for her future children.... :D