Thursday, April 30, 2009

What would you do?

Do I take the time to untangle it?

Do I cut the poor dog loose? And, as a result, kill it.

Or do I throw it all away?

Today, I am leaning toward throwing it away..... :D

Ever have a day where it is just easier to throw it away then put it away? I am afraid I am guilty of this crime. But, what they don't know, won't hurt them....right?


Dellp said...

Good Grief, how did they pull that one off? That is quite a tangled mess. You will have to keep me informed as to what your final decision was/is.

Your little ones probably "don't know" how that happened, right? I wonder how long it took them. The only inanimate objects that I know that can tie themselves up that well are my hair, LONG microphone cords and LONG extension cords. That was impressive.

Amberly said...

I am the worst, I would just throw it away. I don't mess around with stuff like that.

Tina said...

Mine would freak out if it went missing...then forget about it the minute it was found.
I would strongly suggest to the tangler that it get untangled or find it's way to a new home... then cuss as I ended up untangling it myself.

William said...

I say cut the thing loose and put it out of its... err, I mean your misery. :D

Of course, we know how much I care for electronic talking animals! :P