Monday, April 13, 2009

Proof I am a Mean Mom

I won't let my girls open one more sucker, until these three have been eaten. I am not concerned that the suckers in the bowl are not the "right flavor" or color--Life is so hard.

I said "NO!" to Sassy's "new slide." I'm not exactly sure how she was planning to maneuver the remaining six stairs.....

I only allow one straw at a time....This practice came to an end, when a sticky long straw slowly creeped over my shoulder with the intent of dipping into my personal beverage. When the yucky straw dripped on my light-colored shirt, I knew it was the end of an children were afraid.

What proof do you have that you, too, are a mean mom?


Dellp said...

Yes, you are SOOO mean. I often did we get straws? How often did we get one sucker that didn't come from the bank? How many big tunnel type Barbie pink toys did we have?

You are exceedingly cruel. But then again, you ARE my sister... It only stands to reason. Well, I'm now off to torture young minds.

2busy said...

Wow! You are mean!

Tina said...

No too many tipped drinks in my house.
No gum. This is one I am still working on, however, when they start paying their own orthdontic/dental bills, we'll talk.
No more silly putty. It doesn't wash out.
Go to your room if you can't do what I ask when I ask. This has been a long time coming and will hopefully encurage a bit of actual job doing around here. HAHA, who am I kidding?

Jana said...

Loved the photos! I don't have proof, but I am really good at okaying new things, but I am really really good at taking back my okay.

That straw photo and story is one of the best I've seen & read. Loved it!

William said...

The straw story made me think of the old Tom & Jerry cartoon where Jerry weaves a similarly constructed straw through various obstacles and into Tom's milk dish.

First playing doctor and now this? I think it's time to take the television away. j/k

Nice stories and pictures! ;)

Billie said...

How do I know I'm mean? My students ask if I intimidate my husband and kids. Then I give them the death glare and they never speak again.

Holly said...

Haha! That is very inventive. However, Jayson would vote me the meanest mom around maybe one day when we are together next they can sit around a compare war stories.

Tammie said...

Actually I am not too mean, Bill is the mean one. I think straws are fun! Bill hates them and has banned me from buying them because they get sticky all over everything. And my kids have hooked tons of straws together, but never inventive enough to stick it over my shoulder into my drink! Otter Pops are something else that have been banned, because they are like Gremlins after midnight and seem to multiply empty wrappers all over the summer yard!!!! He hates that, I am all over anything that keeps me from having to actually fix a meal for them...Lunch you say, nahhhhh have an OTTER POP!!!