Friday, April 17, 2009


As a teenager, riding the bus to Jr High, there were jokes that people would share. This was back in the days before email and texting, so the jokes were on a piece of paper and looked like they had been copied multiple times over....remember these? One in particular I found hilarious....the one about poopies. It was a long list of poopies that someone thoughtfully compiled. It described poopies in ways that I didn't believe possible.....for example:


I am not listing the descriptions to these because my mom reads my blog. But you get the idea. (If you want to read more about poopies, sadly, there are many sites that have these lists--I found this doing my research for this post.)

Well, the reason I bring up this high brow list is because my 4-year-old experienced the "ghost poopie". The ghost poopie is the poopie that you work hard at, feel exit, and, yet, there is no poopie in the toilet!

Sassy was yelling from the bathroom, "Mom! Mom! Come here!" From her screams, I thought something horrible had happened. So I went barrelling down the hall to save her, to find her staring into the toilet.

"What....What is wrong? Are you okay?" I gasped....I really need to start working out.

"My poopie is gone....." Sassy said sadly.

Me, "Of course it is. You flushed it down the toilet. It is with its friends." (Long story that you don't want to hear.)

Sassy, "No Mom! I didn't flush yet! It just dissappeared!"

Me, "No....sometimes that happens. It is strange, but it happens!"

Sassy, "I know! Santa took it!"

She has blamed that jolly old elf with many things....this had to be the strangest. I can't even begin to comprehend how she came to that conclusion; however, I would be careful when reaching into your stocking this christmas! Sorry.......went too far.... :D


Dellp said...

Warped. Sick and wrong. Icky. Gross.

Poor Santa.


2busy said...

Why would Santa want that? EWWW!!! Is that coal or petrified poopie?

William said...

Coal is not inexpensive these days... perhaps Santa has chosen a more economical alternative and is getting an early start in preparation for his lengthy list of naughty kids.

At first I was wondering how Sassy could experience the "Ghost Poopie" using her pink potty! I bet if that had been the case, you would have been a little more concerned about finding where the Poopie went! :D

Tammie said...

I remember those lists!!! But guess what they have something worse now that my husband and son find extraordinarily hilarious...the fart soundboard! It's aweful. Every imaginable fart and the appropriate (if you could call it that) name for them. Gross!!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

The man GIVES AND GIVES AND GIVES and then he takes ONE thing and all of the sudden he is a corpophiliac? Unfair.

Amberly said...

Funny and gross at the same time!