Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter baskets

We have fabulous neighbors. It is one of the reasons we have stayed put for so long. One neighbor in particular spoils our children every holiday. On Monday morning, the day after Easter, I went out on my porch to find two baskets for my girls.

Each basket contained Dove chocolate eggs, Cadbury Eggs, Chocolate Easter bunnies, a gift card to McD's and this:

When Sassy saw the Peeps, she said, "HURRAY!! The bunny gave us turkeys!" She grabbed the box and went dancing around the room.

Later that night, we opened the "turkeys" to try them. My girls have never had Peeps before because I am not a big fan. As a kid, I would eat any kind of candy...I was desperate for candy. However, I remember the first time eating a Peep and thinking, "This doesn't taste like candy! Yuck!" I thought it was cruel to give peeps or these monstrosities:

Both are a mockery to the sacred name of least in my humble opinion. :D

Well, my girls tried the Peeps and Sassy said, "The bunny can have the turkeys back!"

Doughie said bewildered, "How can they make marshmallows taste like that?!" A question for the ages....

Sassy does have a point....they do kind of look like turkeys.


Dellp said...

I am in complete agreement. Peeps are an abomination! They are a hiss and a byword in the Great realm of candiness. I agree that the circus peanuts belong in this category. I would also like to add jellybeans. YECH!!!!!!!!!!! Nasty things. Looking all sweet, and tasting like...well...YECH!!!!

JulieJ said...

I'm not a big fan of peeps either but I did buy some because we saw online how to make them look like Pokemon people and had to try it.

2busy said...

You don't have to eat them. Put a toothpick in their mouth and put two on a paper plate in the microwave. Watch them grow and "sword fight". There's some fun to be had!

Jana said...

I hate peeps. Always have always will. It's just wrong and it needs to be against the law to make and sell them.

What a wonderful neighbor. My poor neighbors hardly see me.

The Freed Family said...

What nice neighbors you have. My mother-in-law absolutely loves Peeps....I think she is the only one I know that does.

Tammie said...

Actually I love them, but they are best if you open the package and let them go stale for a couple of days...mmmmm. I get if from my mom!!! My kids love em too.

William said...

I enjoyed your blog entry and agree about Peeps and Circus Peanuts - yuck!

Here is a comprehensive list of other candy I don't like (I'm sure there are many I've forgotten):

Necco - chalky discs of death!
Valentine Candy hearts - Nothing says, "Be My Valentine" like a foul taste in your mouth!
Jujyfruits - c'mon, I would rather eat my Pink Pearl eraser!
Banana Runts, Banana Laffy Taffy, or Banana flavored anything! ( and I like bananas!)
Boston Baked Beans - Seriously, I think I just ate a turd!
Gummi anything! (To clarify, Cinnamon Bears and Swedish Fish are not Gummi! I'm talking Gummi Bears, bugs, worms, etc... you know, the kind you can stretch back like a rubber band and take your friend's eye out!)
Good & Plenty - I guess the black licorice wasn't bad enough so they added a rock hard, flavorless, candy shell to the mix!
Candy necklace - The novelty wore off pretty quick when I realized the candy has no flavor whatsoever!
Chocolate Flavored Twizzlers! I like Twizzlers... so this seemed like a good idea... I mean, seriously, how can you screw up chocolate? Well, Twizzlers managed quite nicely... and if you've had chocolate soda pop... it's nasty too!
Double Bubble, Bazooka, and Joe Blow bubble gum! Rock hard and Flavorless... I'd seriously rather chew on the little blue rubber thing inside the bottle cap of my Coke!
Blow Pops - The gum is not good enough to endure such a nasty lolli!
Dum Dums - Oh c'mon... I only had the thing in my mouth for 20 seconds when I found I was chewin' on soggy paper from the lolli stick!
Pez - Occasionally I convince myself that I like Pez so that I can buy the spiffy dispenser. Truth: It's crap! Also, it's a little bit odd to think that I'm eating candy from Popeye's neck!

One candy that I miss is Cherry Clan by Ferrera Pan! It was delicious! I'm assuming that the company dropped the product when the world decided to be politically correct... it's too bad too, because Cherry Heads are not a satisfactory replacement.

stoner said...

Willy....I agree! I agree! Another one I hate is Dots.....mixed in with your tasty tootsie rolls bag. If I want my $300 filling yanked out by candy, it is not going to be by this nasty, hard piece of goo!

Tina said...

See, now we can't be friends. Sorry.
We LOVE circus peanuts. (except Jeff, and he likes hard peeps like Tammie does) I also love the cheap fake idaho spuds.

Amberly said...

I like Peeps stale like Tammie. I love circus peanuts, they are like condensed cotton candy. I do not discriminate when it comes to candy. You do have nice neighbors!