Monday, April 20, 2009

Who knew Britney Spears and I had so much in common?

NOTE: I even have that same non-existent top! The similarities are endless!

Last week, I had the opportunity to sing in church. It was Easter and the song selected was beautiful. I was singing with five other women and we had practiced diligently. At the time specified, we went forward to sing our song. I stood at one end and began to sing. Halfway through the song, there was a section where it was only accompaniment. During this time, I looked out over the congregation, with a smug smile as if to say "I am giving you the gift of music." At this time, I noticed my husband motioning to me. I am not good at lip-reading, so I started staring at him with an odd look on my face. After he realized I didn't understand, he started pantomiming very dramatically that he couldn't hear me.

When we began singing again, I tried to sing louder. I wanted to be heard darn it! I looked at him again and he shook his head. When we finally finished, I went and sat down and asked him, "Really, you couldn't hear me?" To which he said, "Were you just mouthing the words?" Thankfully, I didn't have to grace this question with an answer because my 4-year-old started yelling for everyone to hear. (Ironically, she can be heard just fine...too well in fact!)

After standing in the hall for the remainder of the meeting....I approached my honey again.

Me, "You really couldn't hear me?"
Big C, "I thought you were lip-syncing."
Me, "Really?"

I do admit, that after five notes above middle C, I go into Dog whistle mode.....some dog far away was enjoying my song....I KNOW IT! However, most of my part was below this mark, so I thought I did okay.

So, I said, "Well, I guess I was just eye candy today."
Big C, "I guess........" As if to say....whatever makes you feel better baby!



Dellp said...

Milli Vanilli--my dear sister.

Did you do the crazy dance moves too?


William said...

"Dog whistle mode" - Hahahah! xD

2busy said...

Maybe you were farthest from the mic. I remember you have a beautiful voice. Dog whistle, my butt!

Gary said...

Don't listen to Big C, you have the voice of an angel. Just look at Doughie's singing ability! I'm certain she got the talent to sing like a teenager at such a young age from her mother!

Holly said...

Haha, I didn't know you sing! That goes to show how much I know about will have to do a solo for us next time we are up! ; )

stoner said...

Ummmm....Gary....we need to chat. Person to person.....and then we will see if you are so bold! BLAST YOU! You know what I really want to say....but can't! BLAST YOU!!

stoner said...

DellP....I don't know what they allow in your ward, but dance moves are not allowed in mine. It is apparent you haven't been going in a while....I'm telling Mom! :P

Tina said...

And here I thought you were talking about being a womanizer :)

Jana said...

I missed your lip-sync...Darn It! We were in Montana.

Anyways, I have a terrible singing voice and I always lip-sync.