Saturday, April 11, 2009

A sign I watch too much House or Grey's Anatomy

I was taking pics of my cute Easter decorations when I opened my daughter's bedroom door to find this disturbing scene:

That is my sweet little 4-year-old on top of Peter Rabbit's girlfriend. I asked her what she was doing and she told me that the girl bunny was dead....and that she was "breathing her alive again...."

Both my girls want to be nurses like their grandma, but sometimes I find their CPR games a little morbid. I wasn't sure if I should stop the macabre little game or ask her to recertify me. What would you have done?


Dellp said...

recertification?! That's a great idea. Where do I sign up? I like the new version of Resusci-Annie too. Less intimidating.

Just so long as they don't start shooting kids in the chest like Sayid or Hitting people over the head like Sun. At least she was trying to "help."


2busy said...

Leave that one alone. I hope playing doctor isn't next!

William said...

... Are you sure she learn that from one of your soap operas? It looks like Sassy is making out with Miss Rabbit! :o

stoner said...

Sorry....don't watch soaps.....tried to in High School and quickly lost interest. It does look like she is making out with the rabbit. I initially thought the same thing--was really scared of what she might say when I asked her what she was doing....:D

Tina said...

Recertify. Well, I would. i actually ought to...when is she holding classes? Does she do the healthcare one as well?