Monday, March 2, 2009

The Shopping Trip

It went something like this:

1st stop: $2 fabric store (this is an honest-to-goodness fabric store--no toys and candy like other "fabric stores")

***The response: "Oh no! Not here!"

2nd stop: Home Depot

***The response: "Again?!! Not again!" (I heart home improvement stores.)

3rd stop: DI (thrift store from Hades)

***The response: "Why? WHY HERE???!!!!!!"

At this point, I honestly believe that if my 3-year-old knew any profanity, I would have heard it. Ironically, if Big C had been with me, I believe his responses would have been nearly identical. (If I really want to torture Big C, I just add Winco to the mix on a Saturday)

Have you had any similar shopping trips?


William said...

One word: Target


stoner said...

I have forgotten what happened at Target....and so should you.

I would be desolate without my popcorn/large drink combo. I love the great clearances...and all the cute, cheap stuff. You need to let it go.....for the popcorn at least!

William said...

Admittedly, I will occasionally stop at Target, but only for my popcorn and slurpy fix. I'd go more frequently if they had a drivethru!

Your story made me think of when we were kids playing I-Spy in the car while Mom was in Fabricland! :)

stoner said...

I hated Fabricland. The only thing redeeming about that torture chamber was the multi-colored embroidery floss that Mom refused to buy.....I have to admit that I was a little sad when it went under. I wondered how I would be able to torture my children legally with it gone. Don't worry....I have found the Home Depot.

2busy said...

Ugh! Doesn't sound fun to me either. Well, I'm off to winco. fun, fun!