Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why you should NEVER use Tylenol PM

I woke to find this:

What is it? My butter tray.
Why does it look like this? Sassy loves butter and those are her claw marks. I guess she was making her own breakfast.

I went to pour some milk, to find that the milk was missing.
I found it here:

This is Sassy's "hidey hole" where she stashes her treasures. Apparantly, she needed some milk to wash that "delicious" butter down.

I opened it to find this:

What is this? Sassy's straw from her Happy Meal the night before. I wasn't very "happy" to see it.

I then decided to go to the only room I can find privacy and have a timeout--before I freaked out. To find this:

What is it? Sassy's potty dumped upside down to make a cozy condo for Spongebob. (Please note: I am only guessing about the condo part.) Thankfully, I never thought I would be thankful for this, Sassy used the equivelant of a roll of toilet paper when she was finished and it eliminated much of the mess.

Why does this all seem staged and why did I have my camera handy? It started with the butter.....I took a picture to show Big C later....and that is when I found the milk.....and so on. During the photo shoot, Sassy was calling "Saweee! Saweee!" from a safe vantage point. It's days like this that I wonder why I ever got out of bed.......:D

Ever had a morning like this? Please share!


JulieJ said...

I can't think of specifics, but I have had DAYs like this. It always comes in groups. They can't just make one mess in a day, if you are having a day it is one thing after another.

Amberly said...

What a mess to wake up to! The worst I have woken up to is cereal on the carpet, minus the milk. I usually just wake up to fighting kids.

Hope your day gets better!!

2busy said...

That one keeps you on your toes! Maybe that means she will be an angel of a teenager. I'm sure you appreciated her decency in not dumping her potty on your lovely carpet. There's your positive thought for the morning. You should be thanking her! hahaha

stoner said... always have a way for finding the postive--I appreciate it!

Holly said...

hehe! That is so funny! How creative! She was such the "busy bee." I think I have one just like her! ; )

William said...

It doesn't look like there's much milk left in that carton. Do you think a thirsty Sassy sucked back milk until the straw could take no more and tumbled inside? Was it an entirely unsuccessful attempt to wash down her buttery breakfast?

I'm more inclined to believe that Sassy was framed! Does Big C have an alibi?

I'm a fan of butter too, but I usually find a cracker or other vector to carry it to my piehole. It could be much worse - she could be eating margarine by the handful! Blech!

Just wait until Sassy starts burning cheese in the microwave for a snack! I'm sure Mom was thrilled whenever she had to scrape our plates when we made "crunchies". :D

William said...

Depending on how long the milk sat out, it might still be good! The expiration date is still 7 days out! This conjures up new questions (inquiring minds must know):

A) Did you toss the carton out?
B) Did you fish the straw out and salvage the milk?
C) Are you pouring milk from the container with the straw still lodged safely inside?
D) That's none of my business! (See: answers B or C)


William said...

I thought some of my apartments were small and crappy before I saw Spongebob's "cozy condo"... and at least my apartments weren't pink!

(I've just soiled your blog with three comments in a row! I need to get a life!)

stoner said...

This evening, I showed Sassy the picture of the milk with the straw in it and said, "What is that?" Sassy, "My Mcdonalds straw!"
Me, "Why is it in there?"
Sassy, "Because it hurt my hand really much when I tried to pull it out."
Me, "You tried to pull it out?"
Sassy disgustedly, "Well yeah!"
Me, "Why did you do it?"
Sassy, "Because milk is really tasty in my straw!"

I am sad to admit that the carton is back in my fridge....with the straw still in it. Sassy is hurts to try and pull it out!

So, NOTE TO ALL: Don't drink milk at my house, eat butter, or use the salt!