Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is it pathetic to comment to your own post?

Big C was noticing that the person who comments the most on my blog is me! Is that just sad and pathetic? Or is it another way for me to talk to myself? Just another way for my insane side to manifest itself? Personally, I like responding to those who have commented.

Do you ever comment to your own posts?


JulieJ said...

When people ask questions, I sometimes comment on my own. But I never go back to someones blog when I ask a question, so they probably aren't reading the answers.

William said...

It's incredibly sad and pathetic... loser!

I'm only kidding, of course.

Blogs seem to be an evolved form of online discussion boards. Most boards allow any user to set or comment on a topic, but also have moderators to maintain order. Of course, the settings of a bulletin board can be tweaked to fit its owner's purpose; sometimes only the owner can set a topic... and sometimes one must have special privileges to comment at all.

In the case of your personal blog, you get to be the moderator as well as set the topic for discussion. It's entirely up to you if you want to socialize by commenting back on the answers you receive in your blog. I presume that your purposes are to network and socialize with others online.

Some blogs are set up to relay facts or give information about a specific hobby or interest. In these blogs that the author does not seem to converse as often with the audience in the comments.

So, no... not sad and pathetic... as long as it coincides with your purpose. The truth is, if you didn't respond to my inane comments, then I might be hesitant to comment myself (so now you know how to get rid of me). :D

Carry on as you were. I love your blog more than my luggage (well, you see... I really need to get some new luggage).


William said...

2busy said...

What a great outlet these blogs are for our inane thoughts and ideas.

If you want to comment on your own thoughts, then do it! I mean if we aren't going to listen to ourselves, then who else will, right?

Okay, now this didn't even make sense. But maybe you'll understand what I'm getting at.

William said...

It made perfect sense to me, but then maybe we're both nuts! :D

Dellp said...

Responding to other people's comments and questions constitutes politeness and good conversational skills, not inanity or insanity. (Not to say you can't pull off those as well. It runs in the family. :oD)

Sarah Nanine said...

I don't think Big C has much room to poke fun at I mean really look at your previous post...hahha

Amberly said...

I comment on my own posts. Sometimes I have just a little more to say. I answer people's questions too, so I am a pretty regular commenter on my own blog.

Holly said...

I have wondered that too about me commenting on my blog that is...Is it kind of like laughing at your own joke? Because I do that too! ; )

stoner said...

I was trying really hard not to comment for once....but I failed when I saw that Tiger-shark picture! TOO FUNNY! It portrayed the message perfectly!

This is the pic that Willy posted: