Saturday, March 7, 2009

What is the deal with the big metal stars?

I see them everywhere:
**The Craft Store
**The Home Decor Store (every shape, size, and color imaginable)
**Over mantels
**On front doors
**Above Garage Doors
**On living/family room walls
**As Patio Decor


I even have a friend who prides herself in having one in every room!

What is with the stars ladies? My daughter told me it is because we aren't in school anymore and can't have stars on our instead, we put them on our homes....Is she right?

Why do you have a big metal star?

Please note: I am not criticizing.....just wondering...


JulieJ said...

I absolutely love metal stars! I have one big one and about 6 little ones above my back door. I just love stars. I don't know why. It started when I was a sophomore and I saw the first American flag in DC. I had restrain myself from getting pink starry fabric for my babies curtains.

2busy said...

I have two metal stars. One on the front of the house and one inside. They just feel patriotic and americana...I love that sort of thing!

2busy said...

I do miss the stars on my homework, so maybe doughie is right.

Amberly said...

I have a big red star in one of the rooms at my house. I just like it. What's not to like it's red and a star!

William said...

... and I thought this was going to be the entry about your love for 80s hair bands.


I can't say I know much about these metal stars. I know my friend has one on the wall above her bed... she showed me a photo, silly!

Maybe it is the combined evolution of Feng Shui and astrology - good luck to those when the stars are aligned correc...

... Oh my gosh! I just had a revelation:

Do you remember when you gave me those glow in the dark stars for my apartment in Meridian? It wasn't long after I put them on my ceiling that the battery went out in my smoke detector and it kept me up all night! I never made the correlation before, but I know now that this bad luck must have been brought on by the stars being misaligned on my ceiling!

stoner said...

Willy....are you smoking your lunch again?

Billie said...

I have four stars up in my classroom. They are covered in super-cute 4th of July paper.

But, I teach government. I have a red-white-blue classroom.

Holly said...

Sorry is this sounds rather boring and like a decor class but they are from the decorating trend- Americana. I know you don't decorate with anything Americana so it would not surprise me that you don't like them.... I believe this trend came from the east coast and since you can see them all over, even now where we live in the Mid-west they are all over...the west is just copying a very popular north eastern trend that has been around for decades there.