Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It gets Better........NOT!!!!

This is a continuation of this morning's post.

This happened a few hours after what I reported earlier.

What is this? It is the inside of my newly cleaned car. The weather was so beautiful (a balmy 40') that I thought I would clean out a few french fries before we went on our errands.
Why did I take a pic of my car? The car is locked, thanks to Sassy, and the car keys are on the seat. I have one door that never locks--always has to be manually locked--ironically, today was the day it decided to work!! Sassy hopped out of the car, after locking the doors and proudly said, "I locked the doors! You're welcome mommy!"

After much hyperventilating and trying to open the doors by brute strength and mind power....I noticed this:

The reading lights are on...I am trying to be least it wasn't the headlights!!!!

I am staying in bed tomorrow!!! All I have to say is that it is a DARN good thing she is cute......


William said...

I think Nebraska has a "safe haven" law that covers all minors. Wanna plan a roadtrip?

Billie said...

At least your kids weren't IN the car. I once locked E-man in the car and the car had bullet-proof glass (don't ask!). I had to call the police to get him out!

2busy said...

Mommy's little helper!

JulieJ said...

Can you really be mad at that face?

Amberly said...

She is too cute. That kind of day would be grounds for early bedtime at my house!

stoner said...

In Nebraska, they changed the law to specify only newborns qualify for the safe haven law. They realized the law needed to be more specific, when many teens had been abandoned on doorsteps by frustrated parents. Otherwise, I have had days when I would have seriously considered it.

Instead, I will whine about it in my blog. Enjoy!