Thursday, March 12, 2009

There's a Pink Potty in my Pantry--Try saying that 10 times fast!

Whoever's bright idea it was to make a potty into a stepstool when your business was finished, would have rethought the idea with a kid like mine. Sassy's pink potty is dragged, full and empty, much to my frustration all over the house. Some ideas aren't good as a kid, I thought the large forks used to toss salads should serve a dual purpose as back scratcher--about as sanitary as a potty in the pantry. What am I going to do?

There's a potty in my kitchen....oh the joy!


2busy said...

Can you say EWWWW!!?? Maybe she is secretly eating and pooping at the same time. Or at least trying. In one end and out the other? (Sorry that was gross. Just trying to be funny)

stoner said...

2busy, I have to admit that I thought the same thing. Convenient if not disgusting..... :D

William said...

Did the potty manufacturer really intend the potty to double as a foot stool, or was Sassy just being resourceful?

As a kid, I discovered that rectal syringes and baby-booger-suckers make excellent squirt guns. Now I'm think about it, I probably drank milk from them too!

stoner said...

I am so grossed out....but mildy amused too. I remember squirting water out of those "baby-booger suckers" too!

The manufacturer sells it as a stool too.....and not a poo stool.....but a step stool! I are punny! :D

William said...

How much does something like that go for?

"I stool it!"

Yes, I realize that this is my stupidest comment to date; I'm going for a new record!

stoner said...

You punny Willy! You so punny!!!