Saturday, March 21, 2009

Picture Tag

I have been tagged by my blogging buddy 2busy! Basically, I had to go into my 6th picture folder and publish my 6th picture! Here it is:

Big C enjoying his new Easter bonnet last year! Isn't he adorable! You should see the matching gloves--oh so precious!

I now "tag" 6 people to do the same! Go into your 6th picture folder and select the 6th pic! Here they are: Holly, Willy, JulieJ, Frogluver, Sarah Nanine, and Amberly.

Ironically, I can go into every folder and find a pic like this one. I married a ham! Case in point:

There are many....many....more.....pray for me.


JulieJ said...

I bet things are never boring at your house!

Frogluver said...

I have picture folders? Where? Six???

2busy said...

He was probably the kid who wore a wet diaper on his head on long car trips to keep cool. (Pre airconditioning). yeah, he's that old!

William said...

Let me get this straight... the rules in this game of tag are to thumb through your 6th folder, post your 6th picture, and then tag 6 friends telling them to do the same?

6...6...6 - Why... it's the mark of the beast!

Just to prove that I am more heinous, more wicked, more eeeevil than the rest of you... I'm going to cheat! That's right, I discovered that the 6th picture in my 6th folder was incredibly boring, so I'm going to find something more entertaining - perhaps something I can brag or gloat about. I may even doctor it up in Photoshop to make it look better! Then I'll post it on my blog and lie about it! Bwahahahahha!

... But until then, I'm off to sacrifice a chicken! War!

stoner said...

Freaky....hadn't thought about that...... :D

2busy said...

As a first timer, I would recommend Zicam. They have a nose swab. So you don't even have to take anything extra by mouth.

And I'm all about shock factor. I thought the gun would grab my readers attention. Did it get ya?

2busy said...

I'll be watching Twilight in a little bit. The big guy is on his way home from Best Buy with the special edition set.