Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A few things I don't like to hear.....

This is what I would like to do when I hear these things.....

1. "Oh no! MOM! You have a mess to clean up! Doughie, will you pour me another cup?"

2. "Oh, I didn't know you used that toothbrush. That is the one Sassy uses to clean the sink."

3. "We didn't pour in all the was papa!"

4. "I'm really sick....I can't go to school. (pause) Can I play on the computer?"

5. "I'm really sick....I can't go to church. (pause) Can I play on the computer?"

6. "It is your turn to clean my room!! I did it last time!"

7. "What? This again for dinner?!" To which I reply, "It has been a long time since we have eaten this..." To which Big C responds, "Not long enough...."

8. "Look! I poo'ed"

9. "BUT I have looked EVERYWHERE!!" (Another favorite of Big C's)

AND, I saved the best for last.....

10. "But MOM! Boogers are tasty!" Yep...I sunk to a booger joke....gross...gross...gross....

Do you have any to add to the list?


JulieJ said...

I get a little sick of hearing "Mom, I'm hungee" about 35,000 times a day.

2busy said...

What about a 17 year old who looks sweetly at you and says, "Mommy, will you make me something to eat?" 10X a day!

Amberly said...

I don't like to hear "I'm done!!", and the baby is poopy. Yep both of them are poop complaints!

The Freed Family said...

I hate hearing, "he made me do it."

William said...

From school:

"I forgot my glasses, so I can't read today."

"I have a headstart! Can we go to the playroom so I can lay down?" - The playroom has mysterious healing powers! No sooner than we get to the playroom, the "headstart" mysteriously vanishes and the kid wants to play with the toy train! (A "headstart" is his word for "headache".)

"Can we go to the nurse for a coughdrop". - I curse the nurse for handing out Fruit Breezers!

"I scuffed my elbow, so I can't write today. Can we go to the nurse for one of those big band-aids?" - Earlier in the day when the boy showed a teacher his booboo, she joked that he might need a cast. When he asked what a cast was, she explained that it was like a big, hard band-aid that would cover his entire arm. The boy tried to convince me that he needed a cast for the remainder of the day!

It was five minutes until it would be time to escort the kids to the bus when I caught a smell. I ask, "did you have an accident?" Looking up from his computer game, "YES!" - This happened on the last day before Spring Break. I would say he was too engrossed in his game to give a crap, but he most certainly gave a crap - believe me, I had to clean it up! I guess I could consider it a going away present?

JulieJ said...

Hawaain haystacks:

Mix one can of water with cream of chicken soup. Heat. Add shredded, cooked chicken. Put over cooked rice. Then you add whatever toppings you like: cheese, bacon bits, green onions, chow mein noodles, olives, pineapple, mandarin oranges, etc. Easy peasy and most kids really like it.

Billie said...

My kids like this routine:

E:I'm sick *weak cough* I need to go to Grandma Tina's today.
R: Me go!
E: No, R. I am sick. You are not.
R: Me go!
E: Me. I need to go.

And so on. All the way to school.