Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Would you like to super-size that?

My girls were playing outside when Sassy came up and started pounding on the slider door. I opened it up and asked, "What do you need."

She said, "Well....I would like a Dr. Pepper and something to eat."

I said, "Sassy, this isn't a drive-thru."

She replied with, "What else do you have to do in there?" I was surprised she didn't end her sentence with, "besides serve me...."



Dellp said...

Well? What do you have to do in there besides serve Sassy? Good grief woman, get to work!


I like how the Dr. Pepper was the primary order though. Food...definitely secondary.


Jana said...

Sassy was being a little bit sassy! Too cute. My kids do that too. They are always asking me to fix dinner and bring it out to them. I guess I have nothing better to do. Ü

2busy said...

That's what my teenagers make me feel like...a fast food person. And, I definitely have to super size everything. I can't believe how much they eat!

William said...

Well... what else DID you have to do in there? Gee, a kid asks a simple question... only joking, of course.

It's just too bad she interrupted your Guitar Hero session to ask for food - I hope she didn't screw up up your game too bad! :D Haha - just kidding!

stoner said...

Willy, I wasn't playing GuitarHero that day.....darn it! I was actually cleaning my house....Oh the misery!

You really need to come visit and we can "rock out" together! I think you are afraid that I would kick your butt!

William said...

I'm not afraid... I'm terrified!

I suck so bad at Guitar Hero! You would probably want to play on the higher difficulty when I struggle on "easy".

You should be glad that we haven't had the chance to go head-to-head... you'd probably pee your couch laughing at me... it'd be a pity to soil such nice furniture. Although, playing with tears in your eyes might give me a sporting chance.

stoner said...

I dare you to come and play! DARE YOU!