Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Note: Please meet my favorite magician: GOB BLUTH!

Sassy and Doughie were sitting at the counter eating burgers. Doughie had only one bite left of her double-patty of goodness when Sassy used the old, tried-but-true distraction method of saying, "What is that?" and pointed out the window.

Doughie looked and as she was turned away, Sassy took the last piece of burger and put it in her mouth. When Doughie turned around, Sassy said loudly, "TA DA!"

Not impressed by her trick, Doughie yelled, "MOM! Sassy ate the last of my burger!"

I asked, "Sassy, did you?"

And Sassy said breathlessly, "It was magic!"

I hate to admit, but I laughed as Doughie gave a look that clearly said, "Magic my you-know-what!"

So, to bring peace back to my kitchen counter, I told Doughie to take a bite of Sassy's burger, which, strangely, was whole. Doughie went to take a bite and yelled, "She has eaten the patty!" To which Sassy said, "TA DA!"

Sadly, instead of having a conversation with Sassy that her type of magic might be better defined as stealing, I went running down the hall, giggling, to tell Big C.

Ever have a moment like this? Please share....

When I went looking for magic pics this treat came up.....YUCKY.....thought I would share! Now your day is complete! :D


Dellp said...

Devious! Sneaky! Diabolical! Ingenious!

I feel sorry for Doughie. She has her hands full.

Danya said...

Can she do the same thing for cellulite? Ta da!

William said...

Sassy is hilarious! xD

At first I read the first line as "Sassy and Doughie were sitting at the counter eating boogers." I guess that's what I've come to expect when I log in to read your blog!... Only joking! :)

stoner said...

Danya...I wish....I wish...I have a problem of epidemic is sad. Sassy told me I had owie's--Nope! Just cottage cheese my dear! I know, too much info!

Willy, that could have been the first line. It isn't like that has never happened before!

DellP....I agree. Poor Doughie....poor momma...:D

2busy said...

Where did you find my shoes?