Friday, May 8, 2009

Pirate Talk....

Sassy got a pirate set for Easter. She was sitting at the counter playing so cutely, I just had to pause and listen. Honestly, I was curious to hear what her pirates would be discussing. This is what I heard:

1st pirate, "I have blue pants on!"

2nd pirate, "I have black pants on!"

1st pirate, "Awesome!"

Wow....what a fearsome group of pirates! I wonder what they will talk about next? The color of their fearsome neckerchiefs? Or maybe what they will be eating at snack time? The possibilities are terrifying and endless......

If my Sassy had written Pirates of the Carribean, it would have gone something like this:

Random pirate, "Jack! What are we going to do about the Black Pearl?"

Jack Sparrow, "Not now.....I still need to eat me snack pack!"

Random pirate, who will inevitably die first, in a whiny voice, "But Jack!"

Jack Sparrow, "Barnacles! You made me spill me Dr. Pepper! Get me a napkin! ARGGGG"

Random pirate, " is your napkin."

Jack Sparrow, "I can't do do it."

Random pirate, "You are old enough to do it yourself! NOW YOU WIPE UP YOUR MESS!"

Jack Sparrow, " fingers are broken and me arm has an owie! You do it or you will walk the diving board!"

I could go on and on.......Unlike the original, her version would have been a blockbuster! What do you think? :D


Danya said...

It's probably a good thing they weren't having the type of conversations the pirates had in the books you used to read in junior high

2busy said...

Maybe they will be discussing how to torture their lovely mother...With plastic golf clubs (swords) perhaps?

stoner said... is funny you should mention that, I had one of those "romance novels" sitting out on the table when my youngest brother came over on Wednesday. Believe me, it wasn't hot or sexy when he started reading it to me in a mocking voice.....I don't think I will be able to read that particular one's a shame too! :D

JulieJ said...

I love listening to my kids conversations during play. Until they sound like a mean mom imitating me!

Dellp said...

I think that I would really enjoy her version. It would make more sense than the sequels did.


Amberly said...

I would be happy with the girly pirate talk, I don't know if you want your four year old speaking like a hardcore pirate!

William said...

Hilarious! xD

Had any offers for movie rights?

stoner said...

Willy...loved the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon! That is exactly how my kids play all the time...