Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More "texas talk" and Twilight

A couple weeks ago, I had a post about Doughie speaking in Texan. If you remember she told me that people from the "country of Texas" say, "Yee haw and a corn dog" all the time.

Well, a couple days ago, Sassy was running around the house yelling, "Yee haw and a piece of toast!"

Doughie stopped her and said, "Sassy that is not right! You sound crazy!"

I choked on my beverage....and coughed/cried/laughed for quite a while.

For all you Twilight lovers and haters, do I have a site for you! I found this the other night, via a friend, and I haven't laughed this hard since my honey told me he was making dinner! This self-proclaimed "Normal Mormon Husband" has figured out why women love Edward so much! Check it out and tell me what you think! Midnight Sun: Edward Undone!


Amberly said...

That was too funny! I think the blogger was right on.

2busy said...

My mom and dad lived in Texas for a while after they were first married. I used to ask my mom to "talk Texan" for me. I never remember her saying "Yee haw and a corn dog." or "Yee had and a piece of toast". Too funny!

I'll have to check out that website!

Tina said...

I am going to have to show this to Jeff...my seriously Twilight obsessed husband who is perplexed as to why he like is, doesn't really have a preference to Team Jacob or Team Edward but has watched the movie a gagillion times and listens to the books on his iPod.
For the record, I am and always have been Team Jacob :)

Dellp said...

Yee haw and a Yellow Rose and a Lone Star and a Ten Gallon Hat and a Pair of Cowboy Boots and an Oil Derrick and a ....


How's that for talking Texan?

Tina said...

Jeff laughed at the blogpost. A lot. He said when he was reading the books it was pretty obvious when she called a bull elk a 'buck' that it wasn't right...

William said...

Your blog entry made me laugh. :D

I haven't seen Twilight yet - any good?

Did you watch the movies I sent you?!