Sunday, May 3, 2009

What the flip?

I entered a contest a couple weeks ago. It was a blogging contest and I was hoping to win a laptop. To enter, I had to join a website that is a lot like Facebook in its layout. You have a profile, people can write on your wall, etc. One way this website is nothing like Facebook, is that anyone can look and anyone can write on your wall.

I logged into my account the other day to find this beautiful message:

"Hello sweet mom,meeting you on these is my happiest thing.first and foremost i will like to bring out my feelings over you sincerely i am dieing for you.These is the reason i will like to make you my friend in any kind of friend you will want me to be.please you are the one to make a suggestion that any kind of friendship you suggest that is all i want you to be friend furthermost togetherness can move a mountain but loneliness has no progress.Those are my feelings i have for you.Have a lovely weather...And i will be expecting your words to make me feel alright.Thank you"

Brandon Tossin

Isn't that a beautiful message? It just warms the heart it does! I would be worried about the person who did find it appealing.

At first, I thought it was one of my brothers playing a joke--the name, especially, seemed fake. The fact that the joker was "dieing" for me also seemed like a line one of my brothers would tease me with. Yet, after some investigation, I found that this perp had been pasting this "lovely" message on hundreds of women's pages. The exact same message....copied and pasted over and over and over. Ironically, I got the message twice, that is how special I am!

I find it sad that you can't even enter a contest anymore without the fear of some weirdo preying on you. What do you think? Have you ever had something similar happen to you?


William said...

Well, he did post it to your page twice, so his feelings for your must have been stronger than for the other ladies.

Don't worry though, he wasn't the "breather" you had on the phone on Friday - that was me.

Dellp said...

I haven't had a cyber-stalker. I did, however, get a letter in the mail once that took me a while to reconcile in my head.

I opened this large envelope that had been hand-addressed to me--it looked kind of personal--not computer generated or anything. Inside was a newspaper clipping for a serious weight-loss program. Handwritten on the clipping was the note, "Della, you should look into this."

Now if this letter came to me now, I might sit down, cry, and call the number on the clipping. There is a bit too much truth there for me to handle. At that time, though, I was about 30-40 pounds lighter than I am now and did NOT need a weight loss program. I have to admit, though, society has done its work and I stewed about it for a while. I mentioned it to a few people at work and they said that a LOT of people got the same clipping.

Nice! Let's prey on the poor self-esteem of women by implying that they are overweight. Classy.

And--as to your being special, I agree with sweet William. You are the special-est. You got the message on your wall TWICE. WOW! You should feel honored! :oP

One Cluttered Brain said...

WOW! The balls some people have! It is a sweet note until you think about it. Don't people have other things to do than stalk Mommy bloggers? It's crazy. YOu gotta be careful in this world.:)

2busy said...

That is REALLY CREEPY! When the contest is over, I would suggest pulling your profile.

stoner said...

DellP...I really wish you had told me sooner. I, too, received a letter like that about 10 years ago. At the time, I was having trouble with a coworker and thought she had sent me the "lovely" note of concern. It sent me into an Oreo-eating depression! Making me gain instead of lose....:D I wonder how many people are motivated by the "You are fat and need to diet" letter.

stoner said...

Willy...I actually look forward to your weekly breather is a highlight. I like it when you are eating something crunchy too...really sexy! :D

stoner said...

2busy....when I didn't win the contest, like a baby, I pulled my profile. I showed them! :D