Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why do you need a horse when you have a cheetah?

Doughie is dying to have me type a post about her new cheetah ($2.49 at Walgreens on clearance--I just love a good deal!)

Here is the post....Doughie got a new cheetah and she rides it like a horse. She wants me to say that "even though horses are fast....cheetahs are faster. That makes cheetahs better to ride!" However, to me, both are stuffed animals and can only move as fast as Doughie....and I am still faster. So, really, this post should be, "It doesn't matter what I ride. My psycho mom still chases me down and tickles me." But what do I know? I am just the psycho mom.

Ironically, the cheetah was deemed to have "freaky eyes" and is not allowed in the bedroom at night time.

Your turn! Do your kids have toys they ride? OR toys that aren't allowed in the bedroom at night?

Side note: I think the cheetah chewed off Sassy's clothes...pesky thing! I am going to use that as my new excuse as to why Sassy is disrobed in so many pics...."It was the cheetah (sigh) AGAIN!" :D


2busy said...

When my boys were young, they had a "Buddy" Doll. The doll's clothes looked just like "Chucky" from those awful movies. I have to say at night that think freaked me out.

William said...

Yee Haw and a corn dog!