Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh! The Carnage! When will it stop?

In memoriam....

We have killed 6 or 7 of these:

We have killed more than I can remember of these....we always seem to win them at carnivals.

We have killed two of these cute little guys. However, they weren't so cute when they had to be one of the grossest things I have ever seen. Big C had the pleasure of performing the funeral and tank cleaning.

Sadly, the list doesn't stop there.....We have killed at least a hundred of these little guys. It is terrible, they are always tortured before their inevitable death.

Deciding that live pets are not our forte, I purchased this:

What is it? It is a hermit crab that grows 6 times it's size in water. Tragically, on the fourth day, it exploded into an unrecognizable mass of goo....almost as gross as the frogs. I remember Doughie yelling to me, "Mom! MOM! We killed the perfect pet! We killed the perfect pet! How can that be?" I really believe it was a sign from up above....

Undeterred, we are trying to kill these:

Honestly, I will be happy when these stinky suckers kick it. Not quite the decor I like in my kitchen.

With all due respect, do you have any pets to add to this list?


2busy said...

We had water frogs for a while. The stinky little things. The new cat, Milo, thought they were a toy and killed them. Problem solved.

Amberly said...

The only pet we have tried is goldfish. They lasted two days. You are brave to try other things. I always wanted sea monkeys when I was a kid.

William said...

Apparently the Sea Monkeys are guarantied to live for two years! Can you hold out that long?

I have to admit, the commercial I just watched intrigued me. I'll be heading to Target in a bit to get me my very own Sea Monkey wrist band! I'll be the envy of all the kids at school! Woot!

William said...

Uh... I just watched another video that showed what they actually look like and I'm a little disgusted. Maybe I'll just go to Target and get me some popcorn and a slushy.