Saturday, May 2, 2009

I didn't do it....swear!

Sassy and I were at the library....a torture chamber when you have my child. Anyway, we had used the restroom and were looking quietly at the fish. An older lady walked over and began talking to Sassy:

Older lady, "How are you sweet little thing? Do you like looking at the fish?"

Sassy, "My mom broke the toilet!"

Older lady, "What?"

Sassy, "Ya..the pee won't go down. It stinks real bad!"

Me loudly and a little high-pitched, "I like the fish. Do you? They have a lot....don't you think?"

Do you think muzzles are very expensive? I have had people suggest duct tape....but that seems harsh. :D


2busy said...

No duct tape might do the trick.

Dellp said...

When are you going to learn NOT to take this sweet sweet child to the library? Oh, and how did you break the toilet?


Amberly said...

Sad and embarrassing that you broke the toilet at the library. Just for the record, the library bathroom is the stinkiest in town!

William said...

I thought I told you NOT to pour corn starch down the toilet! >:(

stoner said...

Okay.....I admit...I don't get it Willy! Please splain! :D

William said...

A proper mixture of corn starch and water will create a non-newtonian fluid. Though it looks and feels runny like syrup, when under pressure, it hardens immediately. Think quicksand - a person who finds themself in quicksand will sink slowly, but when they struggle, the sand hardens and they cannot get free.

It is quite fun/awesome to play with non-newtonian fluid. Make up a bowl - equal parts corn starch and water and play around. You can slam your fist down into the bowl, but it doesn't splash. you can roll it in your hands and it looks like a ball of playdoh, but when you stop, it will run through your fingers like milk. It's a fun thing to experiment with to see how it reacts to different stimuli. :D (Boy do I ever sound like a dork!)

Here are some cool videos: (Walk on water) (I've actually performed this one by holding one of those vibrating massage things to the bottom of a margarine dish of the fluid - it was cool)

I was just being stupid about the corn starch in the toilet thing. I haven't ever done it, but I would assume that (provided there was enough corn starch in the bowl) the water pressure would cause the solution to harden and effectively clog the toilet.