Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh the Carnage!


The Freed Family said...

My motto is: No Pets Allowed. I can't handle more messes and more things to take care of and feed. My poor kids feel deprived. Garrett did however win a goldfish once at a carnival and I was upset. We did bring it home and had it about a month until I was sick of it and flushed it down the toilet. In my defense the thing just grossed me out every time I was in the kitchen and it stunk. My kids still remember and are mad at me.

Jana said...

We have two little rats, and I am waiting for them to croak. I think I have two more years. We also have a dog and I think I still have 10 more years before she kicks the bucket. We've had the fish and the frogs. I am pretty much done with them, but Kayt wants a little tank for her room. I wonder if she will convince me??

Thanks for the last comment! I use photo shop elements. I just started using it this year, and I have a lot to learn...but, I love it!