Monday, May 18, 2009

The Window Washer

Every year, I pay a guy to wash all my windows. I hate washing windows and he does a great, it is well worth the $30 I give him. Well, this year, his window washing was a great treat for Sassy. As he cleaned each window, she ran to it, and stared at him while he cleaned. She would even kindly point out spots that he had missed....creating spots on the inside for me to clean.

When she bored with this activity, she pulled me by the hand to the front window and showed me the "guy's" tools that he had left on the lawn.

She whispered, "Look Mom....he left them. They are ours forever."

Always a party-pooper I said, "No, he will be back to get them."

Sassy replied, "Let's go out and take them! Then we can make a lot of money!" She looked at me with a hopeful gleam in her eye.

I told her, "No...that would be stealing. And, I would rather eat rocks than clean other people's windows."

She said, "Rocks? You eat rocks? Are they tasty?"

Ahhhh....the mind of a four-year-old. We talked about rocks the rest of the day.
Side Note: Now that my windows are clean on the outside, I can see just how filthy they are on the inside....anyone want to perform a little Service? I am providing the opportunity...rather generous don't you think?

Is it just me or does the Spiderman on the right have love handles?


Dellp said...

Well, she is quite enterprising. You have to be impressed with her initiative...even though I suspect that she really intended for YOU to do the work. :oD

And I also despise the job. But then again, any job that smacks of housework is a job that I despise. I will hire someone for my windows as well. So sorry, don't be looking for me to perform that particular service. So-eee


2busy said...

Where do you find someone for $30???? Do you think he would come to Meridian?

Rocks are so good. Haven't you heard of Stone Soup?

Gary said...
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Gary said...

I think you are hilarious! You are by far my favorite other sister's smell!

Gary said...

Wouldn't that be cannibalism if you ate rocks? I am so witty! Almost as witty as you! :D

Frogluver said...

Shed to you Gary. Shed, shed, shed.

stoner said...

Ummmmm.....I don't get it...."Shed to you?" WTH?

William said...

Is that like "sucks to your ass-mar"?

Before lunch today, I told one of my kids, "go to the sink and wash your hands... with soap" to which he responded, "and water?"

Yes, he was completely serious... I'm glad I wasn't the only one who heard him say it. xD

William said...

Okay, I'm curious too...

I tried the Google query "shed to you", and only came up with different businesses that ship aluminum storage sheds.

I have a funny feeling it's not good - whatever it is. HAHAH! xD

Dellp said...

Ouch Gary. I am hurt!

And what's up with the possessive in there? "My sister's smell"...what? Is wonderful? Is like lilacs in the spring? Is the most wonderful aroma in the world? What?


stoner said... that pig latin? Crap! I am not understanding anything today!

stoner said...

I just had an epiphany in the know, the place where I go and make myself the best smelling sister.

Anyway, I think I know what Frogluver is saying. Instead of "shame on you!" She is saying, "Shed on you!" Like she is a cute little kittie shedding hair on you. It is that...or she is threatening Gary with another shed construction project. And if I remember correctly, Gary would rather clean the toilet with his own toothbrush than put another shed together! :D

By the way....Gary, if you hadn't made such an unkind comment, none of this confusion would have occurred. Besides, both our sisters are passable in the odor department. :D

stoner said...

Crap! I need to learn how to read! It wasn't "shed on you" but "shed to you!" Again.....WTH!

William said...

Very close - you got the "pig" part right. :D

Remember Lord of the Flies? Piggie had asthma, and whenever he complained about it, Simon would say, "sucks to your ass-mar!"

Later, Piggie got pushed off a cliff and died. Bubba and I rented the movie and watched that scene repeatedly while we laughed maniacally. We were sick, demented kids.

William said...

"Passable"?... was that a fart joke?

William said...

Maybe Frogluver was chanting over runes to make Gary's hair fall out! :o