Monday, May 25, 2009

"The slide is Missing!"

We went to the dentist today. As a kid, I hated going to the dentist; ironically, my kids love it. Their dentist has a slide, a train that choo choo's around the ceiling, a play area, a game station, books and more. My dentist had old just doesn't seem fair.

Well, when we got there, something was missing--the slide. In a large train facade playhouse, they usually climb, play, AND slide. The slide is now another section of the playhouse. I asked the receptionist what happened. She explained that too many parents complained about the noise and that it was deemed the slide's fault and it was removed.

I explained to Sassy that the slide was gone and that she needed to enjoy what was left. I guess she interpreted "enjoy what was left" by going around telling everyone loudly that the slide was missing.

Sassy, "HEY! HEY Guy! The slide is missing! SEE!"
Sassy, "HEY! HEY lady! The slide is missing! Sad huh?"

When she had finished her cycle of the room, she began again--to my utter delight. Finally, I dragged her away from the amused and patient people and distracted her with a book. Thankfully, once the book had been read and dissected, Doughie was finished--NO Cavities! HURRAY!

Well, it began again.
Sassy, "Doughie--LOOK! The slide is missing! It has disappeared!"
Doughie, "No! They just boarded over it--see!"
Sassy conspiratorily, "NO! IT HAS DISAPPEARED!"

At this time, I had to go and make the 6 month appointment. At the desk, I could still hear my children arguing which quickly became yelling and laughing? The receptionist said innocently, "It sounds like the slide is back." And I smiled back knowing darn well that she knew it was my kids making the commotion and said, "Yeah...some people's kids!"

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Love this pic....I wonder who thought this would be a good idea.

Do your kid's have a cool dentist? I made sure to get a cool dentist for myself. My dentist has TV's mounted on the ceiling and I get the remote all to myself! It almost makes dental work enjoyable....okay, I took that too far. It makes my visits slightly more tolerable. What about you enjoy going to the dentist?


Gary said...

What is the world coming to? The dentist isn't supposed to be fun and games, it is supposed to be miserable and full of pain! Kids these makes me sick....

2busy said...

My dentist was never fun as a kid. Our dentist has a "play area" for kids. It has a lower ceiling...When I went in there once with Ladybug, I hit my head pretty hard. I almost knocked myself out. I guess I'm getting to old for the play area...

Holly said...

Kids, aren't they so fun!?

Anonymous said...

my kids like the dentist too, I guess they haven't been drilled enough to know better! there is no slide, but a cute tree house! My kids like the TV's in the ceiling too.

William said...

I think I must have enjoyed going to the dentist's office as a kid.

The first thing I recall about our dentist's office was the big Norman Rockwell-esque mural on the wall with the dentist teaching a boy to choose healthy foods over sugar foods. He was holding an apple and Hershey bar... and, man, did that Hershey bar ever look delicious! :D

Next, I remember that there was a playroom with step-seating all the way around and a couple of chairs that looked like teeth. It seems like the carpet had a pattern with Disney characters and alphabet blocks... and roads that you could push cars on. I also think I watched Wizard of Oz for the first time in that room. There were also smoked windows that you could look through to see people in the waiting room!

Do you remember when all of the kids went in the same trip and we each walked out with a stuffed animal wearing overalls? What was the significance of the stuffed animals? I think at least three of picked raccoons, but I think there was a pig and another animal to choose from - I only barely remember.

stoner said...

I remember the stuffed animals...but it was a huge letdown when we didn't get one every trip!

What I remember was the smell...I hate the way the dentist smells! I also thought that playroom was BORING! BORING! BORING! I guess I am just hard to please!

William said...

It did become boring on subsequent visits, but it was very cool the first time.

I think the problem was that there were no toys in there! What good is a playroom without toys!?!

stoner said...

Let's just agree that the playroom sucked! It didn't have a slide, there wasn't a train, and there certainly wasn't a Nintendo for us to play--If there had been, we would have never left! are right! Who makes a playroom and forgets the toys? Who put a tv in the playroom and only turns it to PBS? WHO DOES THAT? I will tell you....our dentist! hard our life was! :D

William said...

I hated PBS as a kid, but now it's my favorite channel.

stoner said...

Willy, admitting that is a sure sign that you are a freaking old fart!