Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proud Parenting Moment #1,206

I was at the playland at McDonalds when the lady at the adjacent table turned to me and said, "Your daughter is really cute!"

I said, "Thanks. I think so too."
The lady with an amused look said, "She told me my daughter was cute, but stinky."


So, in the car, I asked Sassy about her conversation. I said, "Sassy, did you talk to the lady with the baby?"

Sassy, "Yes."

Me, "What did you say?"

Sassy, "I told her her baby was Soooooo Cute! And that it was stinky and her needed to take a tub cuz her smelled bad!"

That's my girl....shy to the core! :D

Your kid ever say anything you wish you could take back? Please share!


Amberly said...

Abby told a lady at dance class that "at least you have one cute baby". The lady has three kids, but obviously Abby was only impressed with one.

I could go on for days with the inappropriate comments my kids make.

Holly said...

Gosh, you have only had 1206 proud parenting need to follow us around. I think we get to that number on a weekly if not daily basis! ; )

The Freed Family said...

Oh man, that's embarrassing. Kids are so truthful sometimes. :)

2busy said...

I don't remember my kids embarrassing me like that, but I did have a little boy ask me when my baby was coming. I just had a bit of a pooch tummy. I went on a diet after that.

William said...

I guess it's lucky that the baby wasn't ugly - I'm sure Sassy would have told her so.

"Hey lady! I can smell the ugly on your baby! P.U., stinky poo!"

William said...

... and you can't wash off ugly.

stoner said...
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