Monday, May 11, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

For Mother's Day, my brother put this on Youtube for our mummy:

Yes, a very talented man. Did I mention, he drew that on his Nintendo DS and composed the music, all while driving to Taco Bell for a Gordito! The man is impressive!

I did a couple things for our mummy, too. At first, I was too humble to share, but after much coaxing here are my gifts.

First, in my spare time, I painted her this cute little picture--it is nothing really...

I then thought that her garden might benefit from a sculpture and made this the other day after lunch:

For my more sensitive readers, I added a purple bikini top. As you can see, I have exquisite editing skills! :D

Believing my mother's sculpture needed a friend, I crafted this little guy:

It didn't take long...just a couple of evenings while I was helping my daughter with her homework. Please note the matching purple shorts--nothing is too good for my mummy!

Sadly, I didn't have time for anything else...maybe next year!

Did you do anything cool for your mother this mother's day? Or did you receive something or do something fabulous? Please Share! Please no over-the-top bragging, it is rude and unattractive! :D


Dellp said...

Gee, dear sister, why didn't you mention all of these things yesterday when I saw you at Mom's house? I would have LOVED to see them. I am sure that Mom loves Venus and David in her garden. Did she hide them though?

Yes, dear William is talented, even gifted. It would be unbecoming to show jealousy at his incredible awesome over-the-top glorious talent. (Cue weeping at the unfairness of the universe, leaving me severely and terminally artistically and computer challenged.)

Oh well, I will have to get Mom to show me the Monet, er I mean Linny original Water Lily painting next time I go over.


JulieJ said...

Wow nothing quite as impressive as you, but my mom did like her hot/cold cooler bag.

Amberly said...

You are so creative! I am sure your Mom appreciated all your lovely gifts. My little ladies got me a one hour massage at Massage Envy!!!

2busy said...

Wow! Your talent is quite extraordinary! I am envious of your many talents. All I did for my mom was time, lunch and a movie. It was kind of selfish actually, because I get to enjoy it with her. I'm such a terribly underhanded daughter.

William said...

What the...?! I wasn't going to Taco Bell for a Gordita! Don't you even know me?! I had a quesadilla!

When are you going to finish the statue for your garden? It's kinda PG-13 without its arm - what will the neighbors think?! The bikini is top-notch though! ;)