Thursday, June 11, 2009


Where do I begin?
* I don't think that is a, I am sure it isn't.
* I don't think it was meant to be a purse.
* I hope, for Panda's sake, that everything is clean.
* Why? She has 20 purses in her room.
* What is she going to do with the jump rope?
* Is it only my kids that do things like this?

Oh the joy! You gotta love it!


Grammy Pilgrim said...

Her hair is so long it covers his ears. It is almost to her waist! She is giving panda a ride in the rumble seat where he can see where they've been! Entertaining.

Dellp said...

Rumble seat...Indeed!! :oD

She is an original! Awfully doggone cute, too. And an incredible handful.

And, I really hope that everything is clean too. Poor Panda.


stoner said...

I didn't hack Grammy's account this time....."rumble seat" is all hers!

Tina said...

No one else's. Just yours. :)

2busy said...

You have such interesting children...But, then again look at her parents!

My word verification is "hootor" Funny!

William said...

That looks... lumpy.

I've read that rumble seats were dangerous, but this sheds new light on that theory.

stoner said... need to explain!