Friday, June 5, 2009

Diet Coke Anyone?

The other morning, I was in the drive-thru at McD's ordering a "healthy" breakfast for my family.
My order was this:
2 Egg McMuffins
4 Hashbrowns
1 Extra Large Coke

After I gave my order, the intercom guy said, "Diet Coke? Did you say diet Coke?"

"No. REGULAR Coke." I said this very slowly, so there wouldn't be any mistake.

Well, I drove to the window to get my food and the food guy handed me my order. As he was handing me my super-sized beverage he said, "And here is your diet Coke!"

I said slowly, "Noooooooooo! I ordered just a C-O-K-E!" I emphasized the "K" sound for dramatic effect.

Food guy apologized and got me the correct beverage.

It wasn't until I was driving away that I began to suspect that they were hinting that I needed a diet Coke. As I sat, alone, in my car, with my big bag of greasy food, I began to suspect that intercom guy and food guy thought the entire order was mine alone. That I was going to shamefully park behind a building and shove egg McMuffins into my eager pie-hole, washing it all down with my sugar-filled beverage. I got a tear in my eye....and thought "How sweet and thoughtful." I didn't realize that McDonald's employed such compassionate workers! However, If I am going to binge-eat, it isn't going to be on McDonald's food. No way! I am more classy than that! It would probably be Wendy's! :P

Big C is the Diet Pepsi drinker....I drink everything with full sugar. Diet anything wreaks havoc on my poor tummy. However, almost every time we go out to eat, the server tries to give me the diet Pepsi. Are they hinting? Are they being sexist? What do you think? Has this ever happened to you?


Anonymous said...

I drink Diet Pepsi. I am so used to it that regular it too sweet for me.

So, it has never happened to me, but when I was a teen I used to get handed the kids meal with crayons.

Dellp said...

Every time I go to a restaurant with my friends, I am the only one who DOESN'T order diet (fill in the blank here). The rest of the meal may be a bazillion calories, but the beverage is ALWAYS diet. I just think that restaurants go through more of the diet stuff than they do the regular anymore. Ironic when you think about it. I do think that they hear a female voice on the other end and make an assumption...

2busy said...
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2busy said...

You won't want that extra large coke soon once the government decides it isn't healthy for you and adds a big tax on to it. I think then I will go straight water, but then I will probably be hurting the environment and they'll tax me even higher for consuming a natural resource.

I think I went off topic...It doesn't make sense to order a diet with McDonalds. If you are worried about calories you wouldn't be eating there in the first place. I enjoyed some McD's last night with a large COKE!

Amberly said...

Oh how I love Diet Coke. I'm not sure how I switched from regular to diet, it just happened.

William said...

I just can't get enough bacon! I haven't tried Diet Coke with Bacon! How is it?

I just got some of these for my car!

Mmmmm, BACON!

stoner said... are so messed up!

Actually, on second thought, since you did purchase a set of 3 air fresheners, can I get one?

Bacon good.......

stoner said...

2busy....yeah, I saw that too. It would be crazy to put a hefty tax on soda. If they do, I will probably complain heartily and then continue drinking. I am weak.....

Robert said...

I think there's just a weird sexist preconception with men and women with things like soda and food. To test this you should go with Big C to a restaurant. Have big C order a salad and you order a steak, and see whose food ends up in front of who when the server comes out. :D

stoner said... you think I would get the salad or the steak? And to be honest, who would really want the salad? If Big C and I conducted this test, it would end up with both of us fighting over the meat.....maybe I should try it with you! You could order the salad but pay for the steak....sounds like a great plan to me!

Holly said...

Haha...Mmmmm...I always order water, and NO ONE has ever messed that up! Are they trying to tell me something there??? Next time I am going for the wild side...Lemonade! ; )
Oops is that a girl drink too?