Monday, June 1, 2009

It was this big! Swear!

I was standing at the counter taking my morning vitamins when my youngest came up and said, "Are you taking medicine?"

I said, "Nope...just vitamins. They make me healthy."

Sassy replied saying, "Yeah....when I take my medicine it makes me healthy too. It makes me REAL BIG! SEE!" At this, she gestured dramatically to her 30lb girth.

After a moment of thought, she changed her mind and said, "No...I am not big. I am small. Now you, Mommy, are real, real, real, REAL BIG!" She emphasized these last few words by throwing her arms out wide and yelling them. Honestly, I know she meant well, but I could have done without the last three "reals"!

On the positive side, at least she didn't drag me out to watch a Slimfast commercial on tv--telling me that this is the product "I need." Her "helpful" older sister has been told that this practice is a little rude and shouldn't be continued.


2busy said...

My SIL's daughter used to poke her tummy and tell her mom she was chubby. Ah, the children and their BRUTAL honesty. Right?

Jana said...

I tell Kam he is my big boy and he lovingly says I'm his big mama.

Love your blog. It is so entertaining!

Dellp said...

Doughie said that!? How rude. Maybe I should send you some spa and diet program flyers and clippings anonymously in the mail to further boost your self esteem! It's been done to me and boy does it feel nice! NOT!

Grammy Pilgrim said...

Many of us would like to be only as big as you.
I enjoy her honesty unless it is directed at me. :)

stoner said...

Grammy...I agree. I find her honesty highly entertaining until she tells me I am fat or that she hates me! Oh the joy! :D

William said...

I like the new photos on the side of your blog. :D

Sassy looks like she just smelled a fart and Big C has the crazy eyes - like he's going to do something naughty.

stoner said...

Willy! Shame on you! You can't use the F-word on my blog! You should use cute words like toot or fluff. I am so offended.....

Big C does look crazy....I like him like that....TMI!