Monday, June 22, 2009

Whistle while you work

My brother and daughters were waiting for me in the car. When I got back in the car my brother said, "While you were gone, I was whistling."

Me, "Yeah?"

And he said, "Sassy told me that Jesus doesn't like it when I do that."

I have to admit, depending on the whistling, I have to agree with Jesus..... :D

I asked him how he responded and he said he laughed. In his defense, it would be hard to make a snappy comeback.

I am praying that heaven has a sense of humor--it will be my family's saving grace.

Lately, Sassy has become the expert on Jesus. She is constantly telling us our behavior would not find His favor. Do your kids ever say stuff like this? Please tell me that mine are not the only ones! Misery loves company you know!


Tina said...

Um,yeah. And the Holy Ghost. Who lives under Q's bed. In case you were wondering where to find him.

2busy said...

Ladybug reminds me frequently that Jesus doesn't want us to go out on Sunday. Oops!

stoner said...

2busy....I have heard that one too. However, when you ask my daughters if they want to forgo their burger, they quickly forget what they just said.

And just to clarify, we only get burgers on Sunday when we are on vacation and have no other option.....did you believe me? :D