Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The "special" sink

Sassy is potty-trained! Hip Hip Hurray for no more poopy diapers! Hip Hip Hurray for no more expensive diapers!

I honestly believe the reason she finally decided she was ready, was because she found the fascinating world of "public restrooms." She has enjoyed each adventure while I squeal in the background of her happy haze, "Don't touch the floor with your fingers....don't touch that either. That is not a toy!" (Big C believes that she would still be in diapers if she had to venture into men's restrooms--he has a theory that that is why most little boys go in with their mothers....)

Well, we were at a unisex bathroom when she found a "special" sink. Unfortunately, I was busy at the time and was only able to yell instructions across the small room. "Don't touch that! It isn't a sink!"

She said, "It looks like a sink...see I can reach it!"

To this, I loudly yelled,(to everyone's delight within hearing) "That is a boy's toilet! Stay away! Stay away!"

Sassy, "Why do boy's have a special toilet?"

Me, "They just do! Now stay away from it!"

At this time, my business was concluded and we were able to wash our hands and leave. We walked out to a waiting woman, who had apparently heard everything, from the smirk on her face. I can honestly say it is never boring with Sassy around... :D

Have a similar experience? Please share!


2busy said...

Not so similar...But have you ever noticed when you are trying to squat over the port a potties that the urinal is right there next to your head. Ewww!

Amberly said...

That is funny. My girls don't have a clue about any of that stuff. I guess when Daddy is the only boy in the house they don't learn about it as quickly. Tyler refuses to take my girls to the bathroom in public places!

Dellp said...

Nasty! Icky, icky, yuck!

Sassy is just a never ending source of adventure and FUN, isn't she!?


William said...

I had a student who tried to go poo in a urinal. I can't express to you enough how glad I am that I was able to stop him before he was productive in his efforts.

I hate urinals. I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to hang out with your friends while you pee. There are always puddles on the floors and the porcelain always seems to be speckled with flecks of who-knows-what... makes me want to vomit.

I hate the fluorescent air freshener inserts that crumble beneath my stream and fill the room with the nauseating aroma of tropical punch and urine!

Then I hate it when you go to flush, and you can't tell if the handle was just really cold or if it is wet! D:

I could go on... and even extend the thought to hating public bathrooms altogether, but I will spare you.

William said...

I thought I'd mention that a lot of adults don't seem to understand what urinals are for either. So I am going to post it here for reference:


Really... watching a cigarette spin beneath my pee stream... as the chewing gum bobs in the water... in a pepper specked urinal - it's just too much for this man's weak stomach! D:

stoner said... have some strong feelings about urinals. They are kind of gross too...I think I puked in my mouth a couple of times. :D

Actually, I don't understand communal peeing either. I also hate it when strangers talk to me while I am trying to conduct my business. I am always thinking, "I am busy. Can't talk coherently!"

Another thing...stalls without doors. Why go to the trouble of a stall if you aren't going to put a door on it? I, too, could go on and on.....

The Freed Family said...

Too funny. Obviously my children are familiar with "special sinks". I always have them use the bathroom at home in hopes that we won't have to visit public restrooms! :)