Friday, June 19, 2009

The Tooth Witch

Doughie and I were reading our nightly story. This particular story happened to be about a little girl who had lost her front tooth. Doughie had just had four teeth pulled at the dentist (at 60 bucks a pop! If I wasn't so grossed out by blood, I would have used our pliers.) Needless to say, she was very interested in this story.

In the story, the little girl told her mother that she "knew the truth" and that there was no such thing as the tooth fairy. She told her mother that the tooth fairy made "no sense" because why would anyone pay "good money" for stuff that they weren't going to use. She told her mother that a "tooth witch" took your teeth and ate them like apples. She also told her mother that one kid at school had tried to tell her that there was no tooth witch or tooth fairy--that it was your parents!!

After I had read this part of the story, Doughie stopped me and said in a sactimonious voice, "That doesn't make any sense either! Because EVERYONE knows that parents only give money on your birthday! The tooth fairy is what makes sense! A tooth witch is just gross!"

I nodded, as if engrossed in her comments, and finished the story.

What makes the most sense to me is this: I don't know what alternate reality my little girl has been living in....but I can safely say that we don't give money on birthdays either! AS IF! I save that money for MY birthday....and paying the dentist $60 a tooth! :D

After she lost four teeth, Big C and I reevaluated the amount we give for each tooth. How much does your tooth witch leave?

Poor kid--she only has her two front teeth to chew with!


Sarah Nanine said...

We give (or I should say the tooth fairy leaves) $1.50 for first time and usually .50 each one after. First timers usually get a 50 cent piece or a silver dollar, something my parents did for me. And BTW Happy birthday to Doughie, good luck with the money wish!

Danya said...

Ouch! Why did they pull so many teeth?

stoner said...

Danya, they are making room for her permanent teeth. They actually needed to pull more than four but stopped so she could eat. Sadly, when the next two teeth come in, they will be pulled to make room for other teeth. She is going to be the 2-tooth wonder for a while! :D

stoner said...

Sarah...thanks for the b-day wish. Please wish your cute little honey a happy b-day from us!

Tammie said...

Tooth fairy brings $1 at my house, but I have a niece that get $5 a piece at her house. We've thought about moving in???

2busy said...

Tooth fairy used to leave $1.00. I knew someone in our old ward who gave $30 a tooth. The kids had to put it in savings and if they didn't take care of their teeth and needed their teeth drilled it came out of that savings. They would later inherit the whole lot of it if they never had any cavaties. That, is a pretty strict tooth fairy, but fairly genius!

Wammack Family said...

In our house the Tooth Fairy leaves $1.00 for the first tooth and $0.25 for every other tooth. The tooth fairy is kinda cheap around here.