Friday, June 12, 2009

Laziness taken to a new level!

Admittedly, I can be very lazy. However, the day when I need this item....please...oh, please hold an intervention for me!

What is it? It is the Touch and Brush! It is the item that is going to revolutionize your toothbrushing experience. No longer will you have to use your hand to squeeze out toothpaste! can have it dispensed for you for only $20 and the cost of a couple of batteries (not included)! What a deal!

Ironically, my daughters think this particular product looks "Cool!" They were also thrilled that it would dollop the exact amount of toothpaste every time. No more mouthfuls of toothpaste! Revolutionary! My luck....we would have toothpaste blobbed down the mirror or scraped on the side of the beautiful plastic container. Or we wouldn't be able to figure out how to put the blasted toothpaste in and make a minty mess that way.

Sadly, we will be sticking to the old-fashioned squeeze-with-your-hand method! I know--BORING!

What do you think?


Danya said...

My daughter saw the picture and said, "I want to do that insead."

"Instead of what?" I asked.

"Instead of squeezing the toothpaste without that," while pointing at the screen.

Apparantly, she thinks it's a winning idea as well. Maybe you should rethink your position.

Sarah Nanine said...

I need that, my boys are soo messy with toothpaste. It may be worth the $20 just to see if I have less paste to scrape.

Billie said...

I love infomercials. However, this and that blanket for people who are too dumb to work a regular blanket make me wonder at the state of our society.

Tina said...

I must agree with Sarah. The state of our counters after brushing time may well be worth the $20 price tag. I hate scraping toofpaste! However, I'm pretty sure I have other things to spend $20 on so for now, we will just suffer.
You find something that makes a boy bathroom smell good and I will buy it in an instant!

Amberly said...

I love infomercials. They are captivating! But, this product is just silly!

2busy said...

Do they have that mounted in a shower? Seriously, it looks like that. Let's mount it in the shower, brush our teeth and spit while we are shaving our pits. Good one!

William said...

I think these product campaigns are aimed at children. Then the kids beg their parents to buy the product until they give in.

Does anyone else remember when the "Colgate Pump" came out? They advertised it pretty heavily between my Saturday morning cartoons. They had a bunch of kids singing to the old Madness song, "Baggy Trousers", with altered lyrics that said "We've got the Colgate Pump..."

Back then, I was sure that once I had the Colgate Pump, my life would be complete. I never did get it though... maybe that is what is wrong with me.

Colgate Commercial:

Madness - Baggy Trousers:

William said...

I've just now seen the commercial for the Touch N Brush. It shows people squirting toothpaste all over the sink - do you guys have this problem? :o

I'm hesitant to buy in to the idea that this thing saves a mess. At school, we have the soap dispensers that you press the little lever underneath and it squirts into your hand. There is always little soap mound on the counter below. I can only imagine the same thing would happen with this contraption.

I especially liked the part of the commercial that said they'll throw in "a free toothbrush when you order now" and quickly whispered, "you only pay shipping AND handling". Well, call me a party pooper, but if I've paid 20 bucks for the dispenser and another 6 for shipping, that toothbrush doesn't seem free at all... I might be more willing if they added a canister of dental floss. :P

This whole thing has given me an idea to re-gear this product towards people to wear while brushing their teeth:

It would come in many different colors, or you could decorate it yourself with decals (sold separately, of course). Then I could market it with the slogan, "You'll never arrive to work with a toothpaste spot on your tie again!"

...Do you think it will catch on?

stoner said... kids had the same reaction. It looks like a "must have" to them!

stoner said...

Willy, I too remember the colgate pump and thought it would be awesome! I remember begging mom at the store for it and telling her I would actually start brushing if I knew my hand wouldn't be cramped from squeezing the tube. Alas, the woman would not concede. She is the reason I have rotten teeth! I am sure of it! :D

I loved the dog is actually a good idea. I have bleached shirts from slobbering toothpaste on them. Slobbering like a rabid dog is normal right? Right?!

Jana said...

I think it would be pretty funny to buy this silly Touch and Brush, and have it displayed in my bathroom.