Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who does Number 2 work for?!

We were coming back from a long trip. My daughters were in the backseat discussing there immediate plans once we reached home:

Doughie, "I am going to go #2 FIRST THING!"

Sassy said, "Yeah? Well I am going to go #6!"

I didn't ask.....I was afraid actually.

Challenge: Name the movie I was quoting in my title.... :D


Amberly said...

Austin Powers!!!

What do I win?

William said...

Whoah! #6?

#6 is #1 and #2 together times two! (1+2)2=6

No wonder Sassy looks troubled in that photo! :o

stoner said... are correct! You win the thrill of being right! ENJOY!! :D

stoner said...

Willy, now that is just nasty!

You are probably right though, because I have oft suspected that my 4-year-old was a brilliant mathematician. Brilliant...just like her mama!