Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie.......

It was a Saturday afternoon and my girls were playing outside. My husband was mowing the lawn...kind of watching them, but, honestly, I would get better baby-sitting if I asked the neighbor's dog. With this in mind, I would periodically look out on my girls to make sure they were still ok.

During one of my checks, I looked out to find I couldn't see Sassy. I went running outside to find my little escapee. I first asked Big C who didn't know, "I think she is out front..." Really helpful. I went running and yelling when I heard the neighbors horn being honked. I thought, "I bet she is in their truck." Following my hunch, I went running to my wonderful neighbor's. By the garage stood my neighbor--my girl's like to call him grandpa. Grandpa greeted me and said that Sassy came over a few moments ago and knocked on the door. When he let her in, she went running asking for cookies. He gave her a cookie and then she demanded a tour of the basement. After the tour of the basement, she asked if she could see the garage. After they went into the garage, she decided that she needed "grandma". So, out of the reach of grandpa, she went running back into their house. As luck would have it, grandma was using the restroom. Sassy found her and began pounding on the door saying, "Grandma! Come outside! Come outside!" Finally, grandma came outside. Sassy instructed her to get into their vehicle which was where I found them.

Sassy was honking the horn and demonstrating her talent for road rage when I showed up. I turned to grandpa and said, "I was only gone for five minutes....this happened in five minutes?"

Grandpa said, "Yeah...she is a fast little devil!"

I apologized profusely and he said, "Don't worry about it...we enjoy having her over."

I told him repeatedly that he was too kind and at this time, grandma rolled down the window and said, "Sassy here is taking me to the zoo."

I responded with, "I think we are already there!"

Ever feel like you are living at the zoo? It is a daily occurence for me. :D

I liked these zoo signs....enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Grandpa and Grandma are good sports!

Dellp said...

I am so glad that you have such a polite, shy, retiring child! She is so genteel. :oD

Awfully cute. I am sooooooo impressed by your neighbors. They are the salt of the earth!

I bet you just drop into bed at night utterly exhausted!

Tina said...

I think the lack of consistent watching is a man thing. No offense...but it is evidenced in our home daily.
As for the Family Circus travel of Miss Sassy, we constantly make up our own verses in the line of 'if you give a...'

William said...

I can see the note from Sassy's school teacher now:

"Sassy is an enthusiastic and energetic child - full of life and vigor.

We don't encourage these things at our school. Could you please come remove Sassy from the pizza parlor she has created beneath my desk? She bit me the last time I tried.

Yours Truly
-Mrs. Bumcobbler."

Only kidding! I enjoyed your blog entry and the zoo signs. :D

stoner said...

Mrs. Bummcobbler? Did you make up that name? If so....brilliant! I will be sure to use it as my alias from now on!

"Full of life and vigor" is code for pain in the you-know-what! :D

stoner said...

Tina....your comment "Family Circus Travel" is perfect! Maybe I should start my own cartoon...but I don't think they allow profanity. I will have to check! :D

William said...

"Bumcobbler" is my own creation. It just came to me this morning as if by some divine inspiration. I was amazed with myself.

Have a slice, eat it up... use it any way you like. There's more where that came from, baby! >:D

William said...

I think just about anything flies on Blogspot. I've stumbled onto some pretty naughty ****!

... if you're curious, I can dig through my bookmarks for you. LOL, I'm kidding! :D

Grammy Pilgrim said...

I am glad that Sassy has an extra set of grandparents. They set a good example for me. I need all of the training I can get! :)