Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poor...poor Ken

My brother said, "That Barbie looks like a guy..."

Me, "That's because it is."


My husband said, "Wow....Barbies get uglier and uglier."

Me, "It's a guy."

Big C, "Oh...your right. Who did that?" (Like there was any question. I had to stop myself from snidely saying "Me! That is what I do while you are at work!")

Who knew that such a sweet little baby, would be so twisted?

When I asked her why she put Ken or ,excuse me, "Prince Andre" in a dress, she said, "Because it is funny!"

I guess it could be worse. He could be nude, and possibly limbless with all the other female Barbies scattered around our house. Why does that ultimately become a Barbie's fate? Nude....limbless.....abandoned? I can't tell you how many boxes of naked Barbies I have seen at garage sales. There is an army of nude dolls out is sad, but true! Maybe their clothes go to the same place lost socks go is a mystery.

Have your Barbies met the same fate? Please share.


Danya said...

Well, the good news is that you have successfully socialized her to notice gender differences in role expectations, or else she wouldn't think Prince Andre in a dress was "funny".

When my son was smaller, he thought he had to be wearing a dress in order to dance. Ultimately, we decided not to do anything about it, because it didn't seem like we could socialize him into the boy role without sending him the message that there was something wrong with being a girl. In the end, he picked up on the fact that boys don't wear dresses, without us having to tell him.

Sassy B may have put the dress on him, but Prince Andre has a smile on his face!

William said...

Ken: "GIVE ME A BREAK... It's still under construction!"

Ken makes an ugly drag queen... but try as he may... he just can't walk in flats!

Jana said...

That's funny! I hate barbies. I tell Kenni that if they don't have clothes on they go in the garbage. She's done pretty good keeping them clothed. Kayt hates barbies too. Always has, and it make me feel so proud!

2busy said...

Is that transvestite Ken?