Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Venting about the Craft Lite Cutter

Have you ever seen this commercial? They show someone spastically cutting through the face of their spouse because using scissors is SO difficult!

Ironically, you can find anything on youtube, if you haven't seen the commmerical take a look: You only have to watch 10 seconds to see what I mean.

So, to prevent yourself from destroying all your pictures with scissors, you need to buy this cutter with a light. Honestly, the cutter looks great...but I find it really insulting that they think we all use scissors like a three-year-old. In fact, every time I see this commerical, I have to fight the urge not to talk back to the tv, "Do you think I am going to stroke while using the scissors? COME ON! Who cuts like that? Seriously!?!" I know...very trivial but for some reason, this commercial annoys me to the core.

Do you have any commercials that just drive you crazy? Please share!


Jody said...

Hey fun blog!!! Just happened upon it!! Also just wanted to thank you and craig for the Thomas the Train push toy!!!! "R" loves it I can hardly get the kid off the thing!! Thanks again

William said...

I'm sure there have been many, but these are the two that came to mind:

I remember making fun of that quite a lot as a kid.

What's up with the horrible rapping?! Gah!

Here are some commercials I have enjoyed:

Oops... looks like I got carried away. :P

JulieJ said...

We love the infomericials where they make things like blowing drying your hair a major ordeal (that was one for a blow dryer holder in case you can't handle this task by yourself)

stoner said...


1. The Pantene commercial "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..." I remember that one! And if I remember correctly, you went around the house saying that to everyone! :D One word: Karma....she is now fat!

2. Oh my...that was horrible! I kind of have a hankering to play Legend of Zelda though!

3. The flame thrower is funny! I haven't seen that one before! Where did you find these? They don't play these on Cartoon Network...the only thing I am allowed watch!

4. I suffer from the mustache problem too!

5. I like the Ebay one too....Eric's dad is my hero too! :D Yup...I am a goob!

6. The lice one is so messed up! I keep waiting for him to say, "just kidding!" Too funny!

stoner said...

Willy, if you haven't noticed, I have found time to comment....Lots...and lots......of time! Mwahahahahahha!

2busy said...

Thanks for the product review. I laugh at all the goofy commercials out there (and sometimes the products, too)