Monday, June 8, 2009

Raindrops are falling on my head.....

We were riding in the car and it was raining outside. Sassy asked, "Does Jesus give us the rain?"

Big C responded, "Yep! He sure does!"

Sassy, "Why?"

"Because we live in a desert and we need water to live."

Sassy, "Oh."

The next day, I was traveling in the car with Sassy and she said, "Jesus is giving us water again!"

I said, "Yep! You are right!"

She continued with, "Jesus gives us lots of things........"

"Yes he does....boy, you are a smart girl!"

And then she said, "Jesus....I want a bike!" I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.... :D


Sarah Nanine said...

soo funny... we were just having a conversation last night about Jesus and how he makes the rain. Cole informed us it comes from soap and grilled cheese sandwiches. To each his own I guess.

2busy said...

Jesus, I want to win the lottery. Doesn't hurt to ask... :)

I need a Target, too. Small town with a Target

William said...

Well, it could hurt to ask... suppose, if he were to drop it out of the sky, like the rain, and it squished you! :o