Monday, June 29, 2009

Modified Expectations

I asked Sassy to put her stuffed animals away expecting this result:

I got this:

Funny thing....I was still amazed and surprised. I should know better by now....right?!

I am learning that if I want a certain result, I have to be very....VERY specific. Have you found the same thing?


William said...

That's how I put my stuff away... except luckily there are no windows on my bureau. :D

Jana said...

My kids never put stuff away how I would like it. I reorganize when they are not looking.

2busy said...

Once they can read, lists work great! How about a picture like the one above of how you like it done, then they have to match the picture when they are tidying up?

Tina said...

That's kind of a touchy subject. Their rooms can look like a tornado hit and when I suggest kindly (or in a loud manner, whichever) they put their stuff away where it goes (because it all does belong somewhere) I am informed it is already clean...sigh.

The Freed Family said...

Yes, I totally have to be specific with my children. And even when I am specific, somehow, they still manage to do things their own way! :)