Friday, February 6, 2009

Yup! We have a Blog too! BAAAAA!

We decided, after blog-stalking many other blogs, that we would try blogging too. We are hoping that we can keep in touch with family and friends better. We promise to keep it short and the "cheese" to a minimum.

To prevent perverts and other blog-stalkers from knowing our names, we will all have non de plumes. Papa will be "Big C". He had many other suggestions, however, I want to keep this blog clean.

"Big C"

Our oldest will be called "Doughie". Why Doughie? This is a name her little sister came up with years ago. If I knew why, and how to fix the economy, I would be a rich woman. So, we will call her the flattering name of "Doughie". (In later years, It will provide her therapist even more fodder.)

"Doughie" (She is the one smiling.)

Our youngest will be called "Sassy Bee". In the past, I have called her "Sassy B" and my brother thought it was short for "Sassy Bi*$#". (He must have real high opinions of my parenting skills.)

"Sassy Bee" (She is the one smiling.)

As for our other 5 children, we will refer to them as the "Others". This will be our ode to "Lost."

Others" (I think the one in the middle looks like "Big C")

Here I am with some of the "Others". I will also be the demented voice of the blog.

We hope to hear from you soon!


Amberly said...

Hooray you did it!! I love it, I love the nicknames. I think I am going to do that on my blog too. Can I link my blog to yours??

2busy said...

Good for you! Others? Who are the others? Have I missed something?

2busy said...

I wish I had thought of "alias" names. Oops, now it's too late.

JulieJ said...

Welcome to Blogging World! Be prepared to not get anything else done. Just kidding. I should use nicknames for my little buggers too. They all have different beginning letters, or I could just say #1, etc.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

HOORAY!!! Therapy - computer style. I just want to know what Big C's other suggestions were! I agree that your middle "other" looks an awful lot like a Little C - I think it's the curl on the top of his head. I don't want to be insulting, but that last picture of you with the "others" is AWFUL! You look terrible - nothing like your usual gorgeous self. I hope that you can have a shower and a spa day soon - you may also want to engage your previous fashion consultant as your new "style" well - sucks. Okay! SOOOOO glad you are here (blogging heaven). I'll be checking often!

Holly said...

Yay! We are sooooo very excited you have joined the "dark side" of mommy bloggers! Your Bro and our oldest are on a daddy date so I can do a little blogging with little Mr. C in bed! I can't wait for more posts and love love the pics of your cute fam!

Frogluver said...

"Others?" Where do you keep them?

Sweet William said...

Were the "others" banished to the cellar for using wire hangers?

Frogluver said...

Where is your Halloween costume oh "demented voice of the blog".

stoner said...

I am always the "serving wench" whether it is Halloween or not. :D I am also the one who takes the pictures... So I will look for a pic.

Grammy Pilgrim said...

Is being among the "lost" a prerequisite for viewing this blog? I love the pictures and hope to be smart enough to understand the encryptions!