Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Papa's a Girl!"

The other night, Sassy Bee and Doughie were having a heated argument....actually, they were screaming at each other and Sassy was crying. It went something like this:

Doughie, "Papa's a boy!"
Sassy Bee, "NO! Papa's a girl!"
Doughie, "Sassy, I go to school (she said this in her most sanctimonious tone that only older siblings can truly aspire to) and I know Papa is a man!"
Sassy Bee, "NO!! Man killed Bambi's MOMMY!!"

Yet again, the infamous dead mommy scene in Bambi has broken another heart. I remember as a child thinking hunters were evil and destroyed families.

So, when I came to the rescue, Sassy was sobbing hysterically. I was tempted to agree with Sassy (about papa being a girl), but knew that would get me in I settled with comforting her and telling her it was just a movie.

When she was more composed, she turned to me and patted my face very lovingly and said, "If man comes to kill you, we will hide in your belly and be safe." So, ironically, if I was Bambi's mom, I would be toast either way! I am either shot by "Man" or gutted by my girls. How lovely!


2busy said...

Kids say the weirdest things. That left an odd image in my mind.

William said...

An interesting thought:

In Bambi, a G-Rated children's movie, Bambi's mother is brutally killed.
In The Deer Hunter, an R-Rated war flick, the hunter kindly lets the deer go.

It seems a bit backwards to me... what do you think?

That's a great photo of Big C. Maybe you can get him some Bambi pajamas for him to wear to smooth things over with Sassy B. Ah, who am I kidding? I just think it would be hysterical if Big C wore Bambi pajamas! HAHAHAH!